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The cellphone that does everything

From Dutch TV. It always gets me.

"Psychic" spoon-bender Uri Geller pwned by EFF

The outcome was predictable to anyone with an ice cream scoop worth of brain jelly slapped into their skull cavity, but professional psychic Uri Geller somehow didn’t see it coming: his company, Explorologist Ltd., had its spoon bent by the … Continue reading

Andrew Kellett, "world's dumbest criminal," can't keep activities off YouTube

Techdirt rightly points out that attempts to stop criminals uploading their activities to YouTube are stupid: why deprive prosecutors of such easily-gathered evidence? There must be something to it, however, as Leeds’ city council has gone out of its way … Continue reading

It's Tractor Fight Thursday!

My cable modem is on the fritz, so I’m watching this video in a coffee shop with the sound turned off. That makes it much easier to imagine this set to a variety of musical soundtracks. At the moment, these … Continue reading

Video: "(Gonna) Buy Mii a Wii" Rap Opus

The cringe-inducing hit of the morning, “(Gonna) Buy Mii a Wii,” in which the self-identified Black Nerd serenades himself about the purchase he intends to make in the future—presumably a second Wii, since the video is filled with shots of … Continue reading

Video: From the Bros. That Brought You Overdrift: Assassinz!

Every day a new Duncan Bros. short hits the web is a holiday. This one even has gadgets, if you can accept dual Desert Eagle nunchucks as a gadget. (I do!) Previously: • Video: The Inassailable Awesomeness of Overdrift [BBG] … Continue reading

Video: Proto-Cookie Monster Eats a Gadget

Watch as this Muppet—surely a precursor to Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster—devours a toothsome talking gadget with his mouth full of fangs. Considering the punchline, this could be the origin story that explains why CM didn’t have teeth! [via Core77]

Halo "Museum" Commercial Send-Up from Consolevania

Above is the original commercial teaser for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 360, referenced by most as “Museum.” It’s short and worth watching. Some have criticized it for capitalizing on the emotions we feel for veterans of real wars. Some have criticized … Continue reading

Video: Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Promotional Rap Video. Yes, Rap.

A improbably arrhythmic bow-tied professor raps to two preppy saps about the miraculous new features in Microsoft MS-DOS 5 update—it frees up 48k!*—punctuated by a chorus of three backup soul singers reminding us that “No PC should be without it!” … Continue reading

Video: Fantastic Hearing Aid Packaging from Widex

Core77 highlights this stupendously clever bit of packaging from Goodmorning Technology, used in the package of hearing aids from Widex. As the inner box is removed from the outer sleeve it makes the sound waves appear to move. Even better, … Continue reading