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Why I'm Buying An MSI Laptop

Yes, this ad shamelessly rips off Levi’s. Yes, the concept is silly. But, man, do I love it. Apparently much more so than our friends at Gizmodo and Gadget Lab, who aren’t too keen on the notion of catching a … Continue reading

French postal service ad turns a MacBook into a spaceship

In this delightful French TV ad for La Poste, France’s national postal service, a man demonstrates the process of mailing a letter online. He reads the instructions, clicks on “send via computer,” and then, to his surprise, the computer turns … Continue reading

Video: Making "Living Movie Posters" with a Red One camera

Alexx Henry Photography used Red One cameras to make “living movie posters”, essentially trying to replicate the look of a one-sheet photograph but using video. I don’t know if this is a promo for the Red One, but it’s technical … Continue reading

Dystopic online spiritual sequel to Blade Runner uses tools of the dystopic present

“Purefold” will be an online video series developed in conjunction with Ridley and Tony Scott with the central theme “What does it mean to be human?” If that sounds a little bit like one of the major themes of Ridley … Continue reading

Buzz Aldrin, Sally Ride, Jim Lovell for Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is the most worthless, overhyped fashion brand ever to exist, but I can comfortable ignore that for putting three great spacers in their latest ad campaign. I can’t ever imagine owning any LV crap myself, but now I … Continue reading

HOWTO Sell Surf Wax [Hint: Make It Sexually Explicit]

How do sell a product to a bunch of kids who won’t even use it? SEX. Growing up, all my friends had stickers for Mr. Zogs Sex Wax plastered on our binders, folders and skateboards — even though a lot … Continue reading

Commercial: Loewe Sound

This commercial for Loewe televisions, available in Germany, does not require you to adjust your volume. (Slick-looking televisions, too.) (Thanks, Florian!)

Hipster Albino Santa Christ to save Palm's Christmas

The only thing that really upsets me about this campaign is that I was pretty sure Hipster Albino Santa Christ was my schtick. Guess I’m buying a Centro now. The mistletoe is made of oxycontin [Palm.com]

Ricoh's wind- and solar-powered Times Square billboard

Ricoh will be installing this $3 million billboard in Times Square (7th and 42nd) that will be powered entirely by wind and solar. If there’s not enough sun or wind, explains the Times, the 16 floodlamps that will shine on … Continue reading

Oprah, Amazon, and cockteasing

“What is Oprah’s favorite gadget?” asks this video player on Amazon.com. I don’t know the answer because the 24-second clip never actually says. Thanks for making me feel doubly stupid for wanting to know the answer, Amazon. I’ll just go … Continue reading