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Asus T91 netbook battery not replaceable

The FCC has Asus’ new netbook in, and JKKMobile spotted it. Inside is GPS, mobile internet, and a nonremovable battery. And yes, non removable battery.. BAD Asus BAD! For big laptops, I don’t care about battery replacement, because the one … Continue reading

Dual touchscreen laptop concept suddenly attractive when you add World of Warcraft

On the Intel/Asus-sponsed WePC.com, Destructoid’s Niero Gonzalez had the same thought about dual touchscreen laptops that many of us have, but has made it oh-so-much-more compelling with a mockup of playing World of Warcraft on such a machine. I’m writing … Continue reading

Asus 1000HE: the first netbook with a truly usable keyboard

Laptop Magazine has gotten a sneak peak at the new Asus Eee 1000HE and the new chiclet style keyboard is a great success, allowing the reviewer to rattle off over 83 words per minute, plucking gingerly down on the right … Continue reading

Asus 1000HE with 9.5 hours battery life available for pre-order

Juice and a workable keyboard are the only things that really matter to me in a netbook, and that’s why the Asus Eee 1000HE looks swank. It’s basically the 1000HA except with a chiclet keyboard, 802.11 draft n support, Bluetooth … Continue reading

CrunchEee Linux: minimalist distro for Asus netbooks

A lightweight derivative of Ubuntu Linux, CrunchBang is designed for the limited display resolution (and the hardware profile) of Asus’ Eee PC range of netbooks. It’s also limited in size, offering a few basic apps like Firefox, but otherwise maintaining … Continue reading

Super Mario Land etched on an Eee

With the help of NYC Resistor, Flickr user revolvingdork etched the entire world map of Super Mario Land for the Nintendo Gameboy on the case of his Eee netbook. I assume he used a pattern he found on the Internet, … Continue reading

Review: A week with Asus' EeePC 1002HA netbook

Asus’s 1002HA is an attractive little laptop that could easily pass for something several times its $500 price. It’s only when you open it up and find a more-or-less standard netbook that it becomes clear it’s not a new rival … Continue reading

Asus ups luxury netbooks up to 12 inches, makes them not netbooks anymore

Asus’ S121 follows on the heels of its luxury netbook, the S101, with the only major difference being a horizontal expansion to 12 inches.. at which point, the designation of “netbook” no longer applies. For some reason, this really irks … Continue reading

Eee Box gets Celeron crossgrade

Spotted at Italian Eee fansite EeePC.it, news of a Celeron-equipped desktop adds yet another Eee PC to the dozens already in existence. Otherwise similar to current Atom-powered models, the Celeron Eee Box will offer similar performance from its older, cheaper, … Continue reading

Eee Box goes high-def with HDMI and swankier video chip

Asus’s Eee Box, a desktop counterpart to its miniature subnotebooks, just got a spec bump. Moreover, the thing it added was, for once, meaningful: a discrete video card, with 256MB of RAM and a HDMI port. This means the little … Continue reading