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Flash drive in the style of an Atari Cart

It’s just a USB flash drive cleverly slotted into an old cart, but what better way to tote a ROM collection around? Product Page [Roboticevile]

Atari Cart Clocks

Can’t Afford Em Crafts describes itself as “two people with a passion for finding clever ways to reduce waste creatively.” A part of me finds this Atari abuse horrifying, but let’s face it: most of their arcade conversions sucked. Product … Continue reading

iPod dock in an Atari 2600

Creator Byron Casebier, at Gizmodo: Here is my weak (and slightly unfinished) Atari iPod Dock. I thought sharing may create interest for someone that can do this better. As far as specs, I gutted a broken, iPod clock radio and … Continue reading

1981 Atari Ring

From Sakura Shimizu’s blog: “This man’s ring features a precise cast of the original Atari computer chip out of 18 karat gold. There is silver version, too.” I’ll take a Zilog Z80, myself! 1981 ATARI Ring, 2008 [sakurakoshimizu]

Unboxing Atari's 1984 Touch Tablet

Technologizer’s Benj Edwards unboxes Atari’s 1984 touch tablet. Sat in its original box for 25 years, it’s both a cute pastiche on a gadget blog fetish–and a reminder that there’s nothing quite like mint-condition technology to whet the gears. Here … Continue reading

Great moments in euphemistically masturbatory gadget grammar: Atari 2600 USB Joystick

Atari USB Joystick [Legacy Engineer]

How to port Pitfall 2 to the Apple IIe. Image: not Pitfall 2.

Retro Thing has posted the second part of their exhaustive interview with Rex Bradford, former Activision programmer and creator of the unreleased Kabobber for the Atari 2600. It’s a joy of an interview to read for the retro-gamer. Here’s Bradford … Continue reading

Hot Hardware reviews OCZ's NIA Brain-Input Controller (Verdict: They like it)

Hot Hardware reviews the OCZ NIA “Brain-Computer Interface.” They seem impressed, but after a few weeks, they were still mostly incapable of getting the OCZ to register much besides facial tics, with only sporadic recognition of eye movement and brain … Continue reading

Report: Atari sues game site for publishing review without permission

Atari is reportedly suing game review website 4player after it published a review of its latest Alone in the Dark game without permission. As the site did not receive a copy of the game from the publisher, Atari believes 4player … Continue reading

OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator is just another Atari Mindlink

“Mind-reading” video game controllers are nothing new. The Atari Mindlink introduced the concept to gaming in 1983. Trephining and plunging electrodes through spurting skull holes was not the prerequisite: the Mindlink was a crock, actually controlled by a series of … Continue reading