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Atom PC in a vase

ECS has stuffed an Atom/Ion-powered PC into this vase, which even opens up to reveal a Blu-ray drive. That’s what I’m talking about. Average desktop PCs should pretty much just be lamps at this point. The only bummer is that … Continue reading

Lenovo S12 the first Nvidia Ion-powered netbook...probably

John Hermann: Pricing starts at $449, and the S12 goes on sale in July. Ion, however, won’t make its way to production units until an unspecified “late summer” date, and it’ll cost a $50 premium over the standard, Intel-based solution.

Nvidia accuses Intel of anticompetitive hornswoggling

If you buy an Intel Atom chip with Intel’s shitty video chipset, you pay $25 for the lot. But if you are Nvidia buying an Atom chip to wed to one of your own superior video chipsets, you pay $45 … Continue reading

Pine Trail: Future netbooks will be thinner, faster, and cooler

Intel is showing off “Pine Trail”, its next iteration of the Atom processor that powers the vast majority of netbooks and low-end nettop desktop PCs. Pine Trail chipsets will be slightly faster, as this is the way of all things, … Continue reading

Netbooks swallowing notebook market whole

Revenue from computer sales is down by 20 percent despite a 1 percent increase in shipments. This is because netbooks are cannibalizing sales of desktops and notebooks alike. It is odd, to me, that people can use these things as … Continue reading

Nvidia introduces Ion, sandwiches 9400M to Atom

Nvidia has announced that they are leaping feet first into the netbook gam with a CPU + GPU combo known as Ion. What that really is is their GeForce 9400M GPO motherboard sandwiched together with an Atom chipset. The idea … Continue reading

Atom WiBrain is either new ultramobile PC or supervillain name

WiBrain, the brilliantly-named UMPC, is to be upgraded with Intel’s Atom CPU. From UPMC Portal, which has one in for review: Before you get excited though, It has to be said that there‚Äôs absolutely no indication of a ship date … Continue reading

Aigo MID reviewed. Verdict: impressive potential, but doesn't Just Work yet

Aigo’s P8860 is a MID, a Mobile Internet Device. MID, with low-power Atom chips and tailored operating systems, promises better handheld computers than its predecessor among marketing-driven form factors, UMPC. UMPC stood for “Use for Minutes Per Charge.” Unfortunately, Pocketables … Continue reading

Atom vs Atom vs Atom: tiny motherboards compared

Ewan Wilcocks points us to his roundup of five Intel Atom-based motherboards. The verdict: Mini-ITX, the classic mini motherboard form factor, has a bright future. But if you need HD video playback, get Intel’s own implementation, which has the spectacularly … Continue reading

Via Nano kicks Intel Atom's ass in tests

Planning to use Atom for a desktop computer? Get real. HardOCP pitted new low-power chips from Intel and Via in battle, and the latter’s Nano outperformed Atom by up to 28 percent under synthetic benchmarks, 37 percent on DivX encoding, … Continue reading