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Get this Enigma machine before somebody cracks the code

A 10-rotor Enigma machine is up for auction, starting bid of €25,000. Which is of course way overpriced—I’m pretty sure the cipher has already been cracked, because every time I go outside in my “Goebbels’ Goosesteppers Nat’l Clog Championships” t-shirt, … Continue reading

Custom "Model 666" handgun suitable for slaying Nerf werewolves, vampires

What once was a mortal Nerf six shooter is now the “Model 666 Undead Slayer,” a custom pistol designed for sending the undead hurtling toward their final, eternal unrest. Like all weapons sanctified by God and Church, the Model 666 … Continue reading

An AT-AT gets tagged, becomes the $1,500 Suckadelic Graff-AT

Living in Berlin, the graffiti capital of the world, I do not wonder at the in-universe plausibility of this graffitied AT-AT toy — the Suckadelic Graff-At — currently being auctioned for $1,500 by Christie’s. Street artists can tag anything, up … Continue reading

Very first phone book up for auction

The only known edition of the world’s first telephone directory — the first phone book — is up for auction, reports Discovery News: The 20-page directory was issued in November of 1878, just two years after Alexander Graham Bell invented … Continue reading

Beautiful automaton pocket watch on eBay

This utterly gorgeous pocket watch, complete with automatonous figures and a skeletonized back that reveals the clockwork within is up on eBay. From the listing: Quarter hour repeating, automaton pocket watch in the large 17 size! The early 19th century … Continue reading

Bobby Darrin's Custom-Made Mellotron on eBay

Robert writes: > I just came across an eBay listing for a Mellotron (actually it’s the even rarer Chamberlin variant) that was allegedly built for Bobby Darrin and used on his recording of “Mack the Knife”. The Mellotron used a … Continue reading