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The Automata of Richard Garriott

"Gizmos" book helps you make working paper machines

Rob Ives’ “Gizmos” looks like a blast: a $13 book that includes cut-out automata you can make yourself, such as popping frogs and marching robots. Using the ingenious punch-out designs included in Gizmos, you can assemble six enchanting automata by … Continue reading

Video: Death Trick Automaton

See Pablo Lavazzari’s creepy machine. [Dugnorth.]

Paul Spooner's Amorous Automaton (SFW)

This video of Paul Spooner’s Enchanting World of Automata starts out good, then gets better. From The Automata Blog: Automata also have a long history of more adult themes — and sometimes in conjunction with the more respectable subjects. For … Continue reading

Automatic Accordion

Whether it’s for the love of automata, or simply a desire to horrify passers-by with unpleasant Bavarian folk music, Hohner’s Magic Organa has got you covered. Check it out at the excellent Automaton Blog. Automatic Accordion by Hohner Magic Organa

Dave's Marble Machine

Watching Dave’s Marble Machine – a strange contraption of cogs, pipes, wooden chains, hypnowheels and carved body parts that ends in a marble-spitting, mustachioed gentleman’s face – is a pleasant way to relax after the spiral of anticipation and disappointment … Continue reading

Birdsong box automaton on Ebay

This tiny singing mechanical bird box, only 4 1/4 inches long, is for auction on Ebay. From the description: Singing Bird Box. Maker unknown, [German], first half of 20th Century. Enamel and gilt bronze automaton singing bird box measuring 4 … Continue reading

Gaylord, the 1950's canine automaton with "a bone of his own"

You think you get over things. You think you forget. But the first four seconds of this commercial for Gaylord — a terrifying canine automaton from the 1950’s (“He comes with a bone of his own,” the announcer informs us. … Continue reading

Vintage Japanese automaton back in action

This humanoid ‘bot resides in Osaka. Eighty years old, it’s just emerged from refurbishment and is once again ready to stare unnervingly at tourists at the Osaka Municipal Museum of Science. Neatened up from a machine translation: “Golden “rita” stands … Continue reading