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iHouse SmartFaucet perhaps a little too much so

Shopping for fixtures would tend to suggest finding a tasteful item—let’s say a faucet—that will provide trouble-free service for years to come. Or you could buy the “SmartFaucet” from Brazilian manufacturer iHouse, which users a facial recognition system to provide … Continue reading

Tetris bathroom tiles

The Tetris tile pattern is incredibly pleasing right before four rows collapse in on themselves: a hodge-podge of brightly colored, four-cell pieces, stacked upon one another with the utmost symmetry. Unfortunately, taken from the monochromatic peasoup of a GameBoy screen … Continue reading

Disembodied nose dispenses snot-like shower gel, delights ten year olds

Installed in my childhood bathroom, this dripping nasal shower gel dispenser would have well complemented a gack-filled Double Dare youth… halcyon days in which Garbage Pail Kids were traded for pockets full of slime and mathematic classes were spent laboring … Continue reading

Zen-like dimpled wash basin

Hewn from a single slab of the mystery element Cristalplant, the Follo Washbasin is utterly gorgeous: the sink is a mere dimple, allowing water to quickly overflow the bowl and across the surface. An integrated draining system prevents the water … Continue reading

GoBidet: simple pump for a simple rump

Japan’s robo-toilets are legendary, and indeed models like the Toto Washlet offer top-quality anus-hosing action. (Although their real strength is the hot air drier.) But importing one costs at least $500 — more if you want the hot air flap … Continue reading

Wooden digital scale for mahogany-paneled toilets

This gorgeous wood digital scale comes in birch, cherry, teak and the mystery flavor of “antique.” The digital scale itself will weigh you up to 350 pounds, but you can probably add a few bills to what the wood can … Continue reading

Astromech R2 shampoo dispensers

These squirtable R2 unit shampoo containers are all kinds of adorable, and the site gains a lot of geek cred by clearly associating the colors with their permutations of the Astromech line. The red/white one is an R4-P17, the black … Continue reading

'Balance' bathtub is a full mind/body experience

My friend Harry Sawyers is out at the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show and spotted this ‘Balance’ tub built by Estonian makers NeoQi. It’s got everything but the bacta: You’ve got both steam and infrared sauna heat, a couple dozen jets pulsing … Continue reading

Electric Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Dispenser

This Hello Kitty toilet paper dispenser can roll out exactly the length of paper you desire, as long as you’re desirous of one of nine pre-determined settings. Don’t think of the $220 price or the petroleum used to produce its … Continue reading

Toilet Tunes

“Toilet Tunes” is a simple light-detecting audio player designed to both cover up the symphony of gastrointestinal sounds that accompany your Opus Number Two and to remind you to put down the lid after your final note has rung true. … Continue reading