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BBQ Coffee Roaster

I’ve never roasted my own coffee, but I’m game to try it. The GEN2 Coffee Roaster drum kit is an aluminum cage and rotisserie you place on a standard bbq. Seems like a simple, potentially useful way to heat your … Continue reading

BBQ Tip: Try An Infrared BBQ & Talking Thermometer

To celebrate 4th of July, I dropped by Wired to play with the Solaire Anywhere Portable Grill and Oregon Scientific’s Wireless Talking BBQ Thermometer. Note: Sorry for the pre-roll ad. No more pre-roll. Thanks, YouTube!

EZGrill, a single-use portable charcoal grill

There’s not much to an EZGrill, the single-use aluminum pan filled with charcoal. It’s impossible not to look at the thing and think “I could make that myself in about ten minutes.” And maybe you can. But can you fill … Continue reading

A couple of cook-outs with the Charbroil American Gourmet Smoker

Having a yard has been sweet surprise, like picking mushy cornbread out of my molars with my tongue. I mean, I’ve always liked gardening. I even like to mow the lawn. But I spent the last six years in Brooklyn, … Continue reading

BBQ Donut is a boat with a grill, not nature's perfect snack

The “BBQ Donut” is a round pontoon boat with a grill in the middle, made mobile with a small outboard motor. Tool around a lake while grilling, suggests its manufacturer, enjoying music from its optional soundsystem. I can’t imagine spending … Continue reading

60 Second Charcoal Starter Blasts Hot Air

Hammacher Schlemmer is selling this “60 Second Charcoal Starter,” essentially a heat gun that blankets briquets in 1,300 degree air. Stick the heat gun in the charcoal, wait until it sparks, and then leave the blower on for another 60 … Continue reading