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Birdhouses made from modded roof tiles

These birdhouses were made by combining reclaimed terracotta roof tiles cut by water-jet and laser with wooden boards etched with Victorian facades. Usually, roof tiles aren’t recycled, but a team of artists led by Japan’s Tomoko Azumi wanted to change … Continue reading

Bluetooth speaker shaped like a bird cage

This wireless speaker system by Japanese design studio Nendo is shaped like a bird cage and plays music via Bluetooth from any computer or cell phone. It can hang from a ceiling or sit on a table. Nendo’s main page … Continue reading

Geodesic birdhouse

Designer: Kelly Lamb Geo-Birdhouse [Areaware via Coolhunting]

Realistic robot birds warble incessantly

Between bouts of skull-pounding MIDI music, the gentle electronic tweets of “Breezy Singers” have their charm. Based on real-world recordings made by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, their chirpings meld with the plastic clatter of cheap robotics: hardly the emperor’s … Continue reading

The Birds Barbie doll gets her eyes pecked

Presumably to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, Mattel is releasing this special, limited edition Barbie doll, modeled after Tippi Hedren’s iconic pose: a single, soft white hand shielding herself from a horde of feathered rates eager … Continue reading

'Architect's Birdfeeder': acrylic, flat-pack, no fasteners required

I’m a bit of a sucker for bird feeders, weathering the clouds of doves while attempting to spot the occasional song bird or Monk parakeet. (I really hope bird droppings make good fertilizer, because the houseplants are about to be … Continue reading

Wingscapes Birdcam Review (Verdict: Sort of Awesome!)

The nut: A finely-built piece of hardware that is a treat for bird lovers. Or those who generally love to spy on things. What you see above is an excerpt of about 150 images taken by the Wingscapes Birdcam, a … Continue reading