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I like Rob Brennan’s cake. [flickr]

Mac Cake: Sweet 16 = Twilight


April Julian made this delicious-looking iPhone cake. [via Make]

Cakes based on video games

Asylum’s collection of gamer cakes is good enough not to need garnishing with a Portal reference. Video Game Cakes — Tastes Like Geek [Asylum via Fidgit]

Plate offers millimeter-precise cake division

I never had any brothers or sisters, so I’m always fascinated when my father talks about inter-sibling rivalry in his larval form. When I was home visiting him recently, he told me about the elaborate ritual that had been established … Continue reading

Roland SH-101 Synthesizer Cake

This fantastic cake is a tribute to the Roland SH-101 synthesizer, with Kit-Kat black keys, Rollo knobs, and sliders made from Andes mints. Adorable. at long last! [Livejournal.com/synth_widows via Music Thing]

Cardboard Cake Plate by Jung-Suk Choi

This simple concept from Jung-Suk Choi incorporates a plate and eating utensil both into a recyclable paper plate. (But mostly I’m just linking it because it’s cake.) Cake. Cakes Ret’ To Eat [YankoDesign.com]

LEGO Cake by Betty Crocker

The Betty Crocker website has instructions for making “Building Block Cakes” which have a marked resemblance to our favorite injection-molded plastic blocks. I wouldn’t try stacking the cakes together. Building Blocks Cakes [BettyCrocker.com via Core77 via Swissmiss via YoKiddo]