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A couple of neat tools for making cheap camcorders produce awesome footage

There’s nothing wrong with being a critic. We serve a purpose, perhaps even a necessary one, but we’d be bootless without the work of others. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to be working on now that I’m less-than-fully … Continue reading

Video Update: My garden is coming along (iPhone 3GS Video comparison)

Except for some habanero peppers and some sugar snap peas that don’t seem to want to thrive, my garden is doing quite nicely. It’s been a joy to have space to work on it. I shot this vid with the … Continue reading

JVC announces two new Everio's with built-in hard drives

JVC’s newly announced Everio cameras are aimed squarely at consumers who want to be able to store entire vacations worth of video without slurping it down to their laptop. They come in two flavors: the cheaper model has a 60GB … Continue reading

Flip MinoHD camcorder: Will 720p matter to low-end camcorder buyers?

Pure Digital, makers of the mega-popular Flip camcorders, has announced the the MinoHD, essentially the Flip Mino capable of shooting 720p video. Its internal 4GB of will hold up to an hour of video. Part of the Flip’s appeal — … Continue reading

Six cheap camcorders compared (Verdict: Flip Ultra still holds the crown.)

Gizmodo rounds up many of the cheap, solid-state camcorders now flooding the market after the success of the Pure Digital Flip Ultra. The verdict? The Flip Ultra, now superseded by the

Flip Minos to Shoot Movies, Judge the Dead

There shall be a smaller version of Flip Video, the successful miniature camcorder. Revealed in B&H’s catalog, it’s listed at $180 and comes in black and white, with a release date of June 4. Mino among sharks: New Flip camcorder … Continue reading

Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA8 water-proof to 10 feet, one third of the Flip Video Ultra underwater housing

Sanyo has announced another low-end Xacti, the DMX-CA8, a companion to the new CG9. It’s still a VGA camera, something for which many people are dinging it, but it does manage to at least do 60FPS. And as my experience … Continue reading

Daniel Schweinert's DIY 35mm Lens Adapter for Camcorders

Daniel Schweinert builds custom 35mm depth of field (DOF) adapters for cameras and camcorders that allow you to use traditional 35mm lens on your camcorder. While he sells many of the kit parts himself, he puts all of the instructions … Continue reading

Flash-Based Camcorders with Line-In?

I’m in the market for a camcorder for various projects—my bulldog isn’t getting any younger—and while I have no inherent distaste for miniDV, I was hoping to move to something flash-based. (It’s hard to argue with 8GB of SDHC for … Continue reading

Gum-Sized Micro-Camcorder

Any time a gadget is sold as a “spy” device you know you’ll be paying a huge premium for something relatively inexpensive. Don’t buy this “Micro-Camcorder” from this store, I’m saying—it’s not worth $300. But it is a cute little … Continue reading