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Paul Fryer's Vacuum Tube chess board

Beautiful! Made of wood, glass and choobs, only seven sets exist. [via Make]

Star Wars chess set replaces imagination with silver and gold

For over five hundred dollars, I really wish this Star Wars chess set were less ugly. Or maybe it’s not even ugly that bothers me, but the lack of imagination. I know that pawns are all supposed to look the … Continue reading

David Pickett's amazing chess set

Spotted by The Awesomer, David Pickett’s chess set unlocks more than just strategic mysteries. A project from my 3d design class. A chess set I designed around the function of skeleton keys. The skeleton keys are made of brass. One … Continue reading

Chess set made from car parts

This High Octane chess set made with unmodified car parts is surprising to me: who knew that the guts of an old Impala were so Staunton in design? High Octane Chess Sets [Rev Rods via Hacked Gadgets]

Phantom Force meets the Phantom of the Opera

This electronic chess board with magnetically moving pieces is the same bog-standard chess machine you could buy back in Radio Shack back in 1989, right down to the monochrome LCD. And actually, it looks like Rob reviewed one last year, … Continue reading

LEGO Castle Giants Chess Set

Born Rich spotted this fantastic LEGO chess set, made of the turrets, parapets, knights and dragons of various LEGO castle sets. It’ll run you 200 euros, although really, it seems like a LEGO castle chess set should at least be … Continue reading

Review: Phantom Force chess. Verdict: Kids will get a kick out of it

Phantom Force is one of those chess sets that uses magnets to move its own pieces. I always wanted stuff like this when I was a kid, and If I were still 10, I would be all over this thing. … Continue reading

Aliens vs. Colonial Marines chess board

Scant details are available for this Aliens chess set, but it’s wonderful. On the xenomorph side, chest bursters for pawns, with dual queens as the royalty, denoted in rank by whether or not their gelatinous egg sack has been ripped … Continue reading

Erotic chess set for the Bacchalian en passant

Chess has traditionally been a man’s game. Smelling of coffee, snuff and dandruff, two bearded warriors meet in the parlor to match tactical might. In such times, an erotic chessboard would have been met with disapproval: there would have been … Continue reading

Through the Looking Glass chess set has disappearing pieces

Designer Yasmin Sethi’s Through the Looking Glass chess set is pretty neat: each piece becomes translucent when it is lifted off the board, which severs a circuit and removes an illuminating light being shined up through the underside of the … Continue reading