Mundane Mary Worth Tackles Technology

There is a long-running comic strip called Mary Worth, which you’ll find in many local newspapers. Of late, it has focused on the empty-headed character Toby and her naive but perseverent attempts to understand computers. The series’ sequential nature, combined with its stupefying dullness, inadvertently makes individual strips seem like blunt nihilistic ruminations. It’s like […]

Vintage Flash Gordon strip shills Union Carbide products

According to this vintage Flash Gordon strip by Alex Raymond, Union Carbide’s chemical and plastic empire had already spread its sticky polymer tentacles as far as the planet Mongo by 1936. “We sure could use some rocket carloads of BAKELITE polyethylene in Frigia, Flash,” Ronal casually remarks to the shirtless beefcake during an exciting escape […]

Comic book ads lied? No!

“Kids are stupid,” Justin Plourde rightly asserts in his introduction to twelve examples of planet Earth’s most inconsequential false advertising of all time. Whatever happened to the classic comic book ads? Did someone finally kick up a litigious stir about X-ray specs and all the other useless gadgets? Did they pupate into ads for homoepathic […]

Rare "Marvel Comics (#1)" October '39 Issue Up for Sale

This is far off the beaten gadget path, but when ComicConnect’s Ben Smith (who sold me my treasured “Wally Wood’s 22 Panels that Always Work” paste-up) contacted me about a noteworthy upcoming auction, I figured there’s a healthy enough overlap between gadget nerddom and comic fandom that you guys would find this interesting. “First editions” […]