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Shooting at Arlington Apple store

Witnesses heard shots fired in the back room of an Apple store in Arlington, Va., at about 10 a.m. this morning. One person was shot, and the shooter escaped on foot, and was reported to be wearing a fake beard. … Continue reading

Local man finds card skimmer on ATM

A Consumerist reader found a card skimmer on a WaMu ATM. He ripped it off and reported it to the police and the bank. The police said they’d never actually seen one in real life. I always check for card … Continue reading

How to leave evidence: hire hit-men via text messages

Murder, plotted via text messages. Kevin Poulsen quotes Oklahoman Tonia Mullins: “Don’t care who as long as they can in no way be traced 2 me or u guys through someone else,” the 32-year-old Oklahoma woman texted a would-be intermediary. … Continue reading

Safety first

“Dude, I can’t talk, I’m being chased by the police.” – Grayson Clevenger, alleged burglar and car thief, speaking to police who called his phone as he drove away. He remains at large. [FoxNews.com via Crime Scene KC]

Make your new bike theft-proof... through aesthetics!

Bicycle theft is more endemic to some cities than others. In Berlin, bicycles don’t seem to be stolen very often, and you’ll often see unlocked bicycles parked at the sides of roads… mostly temporarily, to jump into a shop, but … Continue reading

UPS employees in Grand Theft Grand Theft Auto IV

If you’re taking a sick day tomorrow in order to properly spend the Grand Theft Auto IV launch in an orgiastic reverie of virtual crime, you may not want to bank on your pre-order being delivered on-time… or at all. … Continue reading

Clue Premier Edition becomes diorama of gruesome murder

This pricy $149 Clue collector’s set replicates the original’s timeless two-dimensional murder mansion in a deluxe, three-dimensional edition. The wood paneled game box features the original’s nine sunken rooms, including vintage period furnishings rendered in excruciating minutiae. Gorgeous, but for … Continue reading

Playtime Perp Popped by PB's Pete Palenzuela

A story about 37-year-old Anthony Ricca, who shoplifted and then sold Star Wars LEGO on eBay, contains this hilariously literal quote. “There is apparently some type of nostalgic or intrinsic value for these Star Wars Legos products, where individuals that … Continue reading

F.R.E.D., the Forensic Data Recovery Computer

F.R.E.D., the “Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device,” is a workstation designed to recover data from a variety of sources, including hard drives and all major flash memory sources. Other models in the series include the “F.R.E.D.D.I.E.,” which is a mobile … Continue reading