The world's most luxurious office cubicle

Behold the stately, mahogany-paneled walls of Jared Nielsen’s cubicle. Witness the dark cherry hardwood floors and small turkish rug. Consider the fluted end caps, the artfully hewn carvings of the desk. Now consider your own smelly corporate sarcophagus, covered in thumb tacked spreadsheets and “Hang in there, Kitty!” posters. This is where you will spend […]

Bright Blind Offers a Fake Office Window

I can’t quite determine if this “Bright Blind” by designer “Mongoose” is in production yet—that it’s on GNR8 strongly suggests that it is not—but it’s got success written all over it. The artificially backlit blind works as both an amusing cubicle or windowless office accessory and as a legitimate attempt at fooling yourself into believing […]

Steelcase Walkstation: Workstation with a Cubicle

Although TIME blogger Lisa Takeuchi Cullen doesn’t seem to be all that interested in the idea, I’m rather intrigued by the Steelcase Walkstation, a desk set that replaces the seat with a treadmill. By adding even a modest amount of physical activity to everyday activities, workers can burn more calories than just sitting would otherwise […]