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As If Keeping Time Weren't Difficult Enough...

Everyone knows being a drummer kind of sucks. You sit in the back and watch the singer take all the credit. The guitar player’s always stealing your lady (unless you’re Mick Fleetwood). Your gear is HEAVY and, most importantly, no … Continue reading

Howto make low-inductance speaker cables

DIY Audio Projects writes a DIY speaker cable project:: The cables use multiple stands of 16 AWG wire that is twisted together in alternating directions. The alternating cable geometry minimizes inductance. The multiple 16 AWG wires combine to create a … Continue reading

Tweetlite flashes Twitter messages in Morse code

“Tweetlite” is a Arduino-powered plexiglass cube that displays a person’s Twitter stream in LED flashes of Morse code. That would probably drive me nuts (although its creator Bruce Drummond does make a good point about its usefulness as a Morse … Continue reading

Video: Hack your VCR for fun and profit with a screwdriver and marshmallows

While I concede that the splash screen labelled “GagFilms.com” might give you a mistaken impression, this video actually attempts to choke you with laughter. [via Neatorama] (Thanks, Marilyn!)

Video: Overpowerwheels

These intrepid souls have modified their Mattel Powerwheels kids cars with gas-powered go-kart engines (and likely suspensions and just about everything else). Then, as befitting their aesthetic, they’ve taken them out in the snow to do fat powerslides. Heroes. (Thanks, … Continue reading

Book: Fashion Geek: Clothes Accessories Tech by Diana Eng

Diana Eng, our pal and founding member of NYC Resistor, has a new book coming out next month, Fashion Geek: Clothes Accessories Tech [Preorder], in which she’ll be showing you how to mod your clothing to add little hacky flourishes, … Continue reading

Do It Yourself! Pocket flashlight into burning laser pointer

This video tutorial will teach you to take a pocket flashlight and an old CD or DVD player and combine them into a retina-bursting, flesh-melting portable laser…. which, let’s just face it, is an absolutely necessary armament in any true … Continue reading

Eee 701 modded into swank tablet netbook

Over at the Mobile01 forums, user design529 hasn’t just installed a touchscreen in his Asus Eee PC 701… he’s fully converted it into a tablet with a custom chassis that weighs half a pound less than the original netbook. It’ll … Continue reading

Ugandan housewife's DIY cell phone charger

Every so often, maybe once or twice a week, Ugandan housewife Mrs. Moyonjo would bicycle twenty miles from her powerless village to the nearest city, where a strange industry of professional gadget chargers would recharge her mobile phone. One day, … Continue reading

DIY lighting solutions for photographers

After losing my little Sony Cybershot at CES and mourning the absence of a Smile Shutter in my life to pick up my friend’s most accidentally contorted rictuses, I decided I would buy myself a Canon G10 in the hopes … Continue reading