Introducing the Kindle Gutenberg Bookreader

The end-user license agreement is up at McSweeney’s: Congratulations on purchasing the newest iteration of our electronic readers, the Kindle Genius Browser. We have made this new device compatible with all previous versions of the e-book, but there are some new features we’d like to introduce.

iTunes App Store shows strengths, weaknesses of a walled garden

Fraser Speirs, the developer behind the top-shelf iPhone Flickr interface “Exposure”, echoes the complaints we’ve heard from many developers about the iTunes App Store: Apple requires that every single update to every app go through the same vetting process (although who knows exactly what this involves?). I submitted Exposure 1.0.1 to the App Store last […]

Ubisoft distributes cracking group's no-CD patch as official

“Neilthecellist”, a user on game publisher Ubisoft’s official message boards, took a peek inside the official no-CD patch that had been released for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and discovered that it had been released before — as an crack from piracy distribution group Reloaded. A swamp of irony: that the game’s DRM caused […]

MSN Music postpones DRM server shutdown until 2011

In response to the whole Internet basically ejaculating its central nervous system in collective outrage, Microsoft is postponing the de-commissioning of their MSN Music DRM servers, which means that the music you legally purchased will be yours to listen to until 2011. Thrillsville, guys. On April 22, Microsoft notified you that as of August 31st, […]

Survey: 14-24 year olds want to pay for their music but await the perfect service

According to a new survey sponsored by British Music Rights (an institution representing songwriters and music publishers in the UK), 80% of British P2P users between the ages of 14-24 would pay for a legal file-sharing service. According to Ars: What the respondents appear to want is an unlimited download service free of DRM that […]

Microsoft patents "digital manners policy"

Microsoft’s latest patent is trying to establish a “digital manners policy” (or DMP for short) to be enforced on all electronic devices. Essentially, what Microsoft wants — or, at least, what they see potential profit in — is for all electronic devices to be able to receive “orders” from a DMP master transmitter. One example […]