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Lime green Nintendo DS lite bundle readied for sale in US

Finally. New Lime Green DS Lite Gaming Bundle From Nintendo [GeekSugar]

Inside the DSi: battery life reduced to fuel beefier CPU

So what’s the autopsy report on the Nintendo DSi? Why is the battery life notably worse than the DS Lite? Over at bunnie: studios, the eponymous Bunnie ripped one apart, and it looks like we have our answer: a beefier … Continue reading

Nintendo kills the R4 with the DSi

According to long running GBA and DS homebrew site GBATemp, The DSi, Nintendo’s update to the DS Lite, blocks almost all current flash carts from running code on the system. That includes the infamous R4, CycloDS and M3 cards. Right … Continue reading

Nintendo announces DS Lite successor with built-in camera, the DSi (Off-the-cuff verdict: a worthless upgrade)

Apparently pushed into an early and perfunctory announcement by the veracity of this week’s rumors, Nintendo announced this morning the newest iteration of the Nintendo DS, the DSi. And hey, what do you know: almost all of those rumors were … Continue reading

Rumor: Nintendo DS with camera, music playback coming this year

Nikkei — a rather venerable financial newspaper, most famous outside of Japan for a series of blistering exposes on the economic blunders that followed the Gojira-prompted Tokyo Housing Crisis of 1986 — seems certain of the latest iteration of the … Continue reading

Nintendo's WiFi router is tiny and a tad inexplicable

Confronted with Nintendo’s newly announced Wi-Fi router, most gadget bloggers are galvanically erupting a questioning curlicue of molten incredulity out of the tops of their cranial crevasses. Why would Nintendo release this? The Wii and DS work without an existing … Continue reading

Cult of Mac: the iPod Touch is not a serious gaming platform

We sometimes argue in the BBG editor’s chatroom about whether the iPhone / iPod Touch can really make any headway against the DS or PSP as a gaming platform. Ultimately, we all agree that it’s not really a gaming device … Continue reading

The Nintendo DS has nothing to worry about from Apple

In response to Forbes’ recent (and profoundly stupid) article “Why Apple could kill the Nintendo DS”, CNET’s Don Reisinger savagely retorts: So far, Nintendo has sold just over 73 million Nintendo DSs. Compare that to the iPhone’s lofty goal of … Continue reading

LucasArts says old adventure games "impossible" on DS, SCUMM says "lolwut?"

According to associate producer Jeffrey Gullett, porting any of LucasArts’ old genre-defining adventure games to the Nintendo DS is impossible. “The cart size of the DS makes it impossible to put out ports of any of our old graphic adventures,” … Continue reading

New Guitar Hero DS trailer is epic failure

Remember when Harmonix developed the Guitar Hero series and everything about it was just awesome instead of making you want to throw up in your mouth a little? Everything that’s wrong with the franchise is expertly summed up by this … Continue reading