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Eucalyptus ebook reader app allowed on iTunes

Proving that the best way to publicity for your iPhone app is to have one of the prudish worrywarts that attend Apple’s iTunes proving grounds ban your application, the ebook app “Eucalyptus” has been sheepishly led into the App Store … Continue reading

Periscope Lighted Folio for Kindle 2

Periscope manages to take the clean lines of the Amazon Kindle 2 and wrap it in more leatherette straps and pockets than that time we accidentally started sending the S&M catalogs to the Accounts Payable department. But hey, at least … Continue reading

Steven Johnson on eBooks

Steven Berlin Johnson in the Wall Street Journal on eBooks and eReaders, which is large part another paean to the Kindle: On another occasion, I managed to buy and download a book on a New York City subway train, during … Continue reading

Book Time, a physical book reader

The Book Time unit turns the pages of magazines and catalogs automatically, making it easy for those who don’t have the ability to do it themselves (as long as someone else helps them load it up, of course.) That tube … Continue reading

Amazing new "Pony" eBook reader uses no batteries (Warning: There is a joke here)

The form factor is better than the Kindle, for sure. The Pony eReader [The Bedside Crow]

Amazon Still Having Trouble Shipping Kindles

Amazon is still having a hard time meeting the at-the-moment-nebulous demand for the Kindle. A pal of mine ordered his on March 24th, but as of today it still hasn’t shipped. Digitimes reported in January that PVI, the company that … Continue reading

How The Diamond Age Influenced the Amazon Kindle

From a write-up about a “sci-fi”-themed panel at CES which featured author Neal Stephenson: According to Dave Howe (the panel moderator from SciFi), Stephenson inspired Kindle in his book The Diamond Age. No royalties though, Stephenson jokes. Apparently, pages from … Continue reading

Amazon Kindle eBook Review (Verdict: Confusing, Expensive...but Promising)

Someday the Amazon Kindle will be worth your money. Having used the new eBook reader from Amazon for a few hours, I’m happy to report that it manages to accomplish its major goals ably. The ePaper screen is slightly smaller … Continue reading

Liveblogging Amazon Kindle eBook Launch

Im at the W Union Square for the Amazon Kindle launch. I’m going to try and liveblog this from my phone, using its miraculously miraculous miracle touchscreen keyboard. Pardon any mistakes; I’ll clean them up when I’m home. We’ve got … Continue reading

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader Font

Stephen Levy’s huge profile of the Amazon Kindle eBook reader in Newsweek may not include an image of the device, but it did give us one clue as to its appearance: it’s default font, a serifed face from Linotype, called … Continue reading