OPDS: Open Publication Distribution System (RSS for eBooks, basically)

An open distribution standard for eBooks? Count me in: Adobe and Lexcycle, the company behind the popular Stanza eBook application, announced today that they are working together with the Internet Archive on turning the Stanza online catalog system into an open standard for distributing free and commercial eBooks. This new standard, the Open Publication Distribution […]

Lazyweb: Getting public domain books out of Gutenberg en masse and onto a Kindle

I’m trying to figure out how to slurp down every single book in Gutenberg to throw on to a Kindle. It’s easy enough to download the Gutenberg archive, but everything comes down in .txt (with funky line breaks and no title/author information in index page of the Kindle) or in PDF, which I would have […]

Amazon to release two new Kindles by the end of the year?

Crunchgear has posted an intriguing insider rumor on what we might expect from Amazon in the Kindle 2.0, which their source says we should see by October. According to their source, two new versions of the Kindle will hit Amazon.com by the end of the year. The first will come out in October, which maintains […]

Foldable Readius eBook reader coming by Fall?

A few hours ago, savvy BBG commenter Stratosfyr — in a comment mostly spent complaining about his mother’s thriftiness and the terrorist applications of ebooks — mentioned another problem with the who ebook reader concept, especially when compared to DAPs: they aren’t pocketable. Yet. A new eBook reader by Polymer Vision, though, could change that […]

English novelist Nick Hornby on eBook readers

Over at Penguin Books’ official blog, there’s a surprisingly excellent little post by English novelist Nick Hornby, in which he level-headedly points out all the little niggling problems that face ebook readers in gaining mass acceptance. Some of the points are elegantly restated tropes of the anti-ebook argument (“Book lovers love books as a form […]

College textbooks coming — slowly — to Kindle

Princeton University Press will be selling textbooks in Kindle editions, reports the Christian Science Monitor. That’s potentially good news for students: it’ll make carrying around a whole bunch of textbooks something besides a spine-compressing metaphor for their college loans. Not to mention how much less expensive those college textbooks will be when there are no […]