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Edison Electric Light Sign (1878)

Visualizing the power grid

NPR has built an interactive graphic detailing the United States’ power grid. [via Flowing Data]

Short Film: GE's Principles of Electricity (1945)

Stolen directly from our betters at MAKE:, the 1945 short film “Principles of Electricity” from General Electric, full of appealing animation. Previously: Short Film: The Electrician (1942)

Stranding on the edge of the Hoover Dam, a copper blue cable artifact

I can’t say I’m quite as juiced about knowing that it’s possible to buy a slice of copper electrical cable that once hung over the Hoover Dam gorge, but seeing Mack Reed of Heavy Little Objects get so excited about … Continue reading

The thirty deaths by electrocution

Peeing is fraught with danger in Austria. Elekroshutz is a book at Vienna’s Technisches Museum, containing thirty illustrations of how one can die by electricity. Bre Pettis uploaded the lot to Flickr! Here’s a slideshow. 30 Ways to Die of … Continue reading

The use of Electricity for lighting is in no way harmful to health

Your grand-grand-parents new media {next Nature]

Artificial photosynthesis could make national grid a "thing of the past"

Researchers at MIT have developed a method of storing energy that could make solar power so efficient that “electricity-by-wire from a central source could be a thing of the past.” Nocera and Matthew Kanan developed a catalyst which produces oxygen … Continue reading

Loyd Case on installing solar panels (one month later)

A couple months after Loyd Case from Extreme Tech installed solar panels on the roof of his Californian home, he’s gotten his first monthly bill. Case’s old electricity bills were routinely in the range of $300 a month. How much … Continue reading

Inexpensive colored glass coming to solar harvesting windows

Two MIT researchers have developed a simple method to use “organic solar concentrators” — colored glass — to create windows framed by solar cells that can “increase the electrical power obtained from each solar cell ‘by a factor of over … Continue reading

Shocker chair great for execution-related festivities, amusements

Bring cruel and unusual to the party with the Shocker Chair: all the hilarity of capital punishment, none of the cleanup. Note the coin slot and cash receptacle – talk about affordable justice! From the product page: Experience the gruesome … Continue reading