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Video: Clever woman designs a better British power plug

While North American electrical plugs aren’t exactly tiny, our poor Ukensian brothers and sisters have to deal with horrible three-pronged knobs that turn British power cords into injection molded bolas. (Are they so big because there’s a fuse in the … Continue reading

Map: Band of Brothers set, Hatfield, UK

View Larger Map Band of Brothers, the best WW2 series ever made, was shot primarily at the airfield outside of Hatfield, England. The sets are still standing and are visible on Google Maps. I know where I’m when I’m next … Continue reading

British Telecom starts adoption scheme for unprofitable but much-loved red telephone boxes

Britain’s distinctive telephone boxes, victims of the growth of cellular technology, may be “adopted” by locals instead of removed. For just £1–and a promise to maintain them in perpetuity–town councils can assume ownership of the red booths, which are often … Continue reading

DanceCharge strap converts sinful self-expression into practical, honest electricity

An experimental kinetic energy recharger will be strapped to the arms of a few music fans as they whip and snap their taut, delicious teen bodies through England’s Glastonbury Festival this weekend. Inside the strap-on pad from delicately named corporation … Continue reading

Functional Dollhouse Television

Dok’s Emporium sells these fully functional 1/12th-scale model televisions for use in doll houses. They take a standard composite input to display reruns of Jem and the Holograms (or whatever you like provided it is truly outrageous) on the 2-inch … Continue reading

Video: 3 Designers + 4 Days + Lots of Sweat = Omaha Beach Recreation

This awesome promo clip for the upcoming “Bloody Omaha” special on the BBC (narrated by Top Gear’s Richard Hammond) shows how three designers used small cameras, hand-held greenscreens, and an armada’s worth of technical know-how to recreate the Allied storming … Continue reading

Umbrella Flask: Swigin' in the Rain

This handsome umbrella’s handle screws off to reveal a test tube-like “flask.” For £425, you might be better off concealing your booze inside your own belly. For just $20, you could instead purchase the beer pager, a coozie that sounds … Continue reading