E Ink acquisition sets stage for color epaper by 2010

Reuters: Prime View said on Monday it would pay about $215 million for E Ink, whose flexible digital displays are used in Amazon’s Kindle and the Sony Reader. … E Ink Vice President Sriram Peruvemba said the deal would provide the financing and manpower needed to fuel development of color displays, slated for mass production […]

Esquire to geeks: hack our e-paper magazine cover

Update: PT took apart the cover now that it’s on the stands and it’s not at all what we’d hoped. Pity. [Make] E-paper cover a “stupid gimmick”? No way, Brian. Esquire’s animated 75th anniversary cover is the flashing, squawking future of magazines. It’s pretty easy to see the far future. Cheap, disposable e-paper magazines on […]

Two things I learned from the New York Times this morning

First, MacRumors.com is huge. “4.4 million people and 40 million page views a month,” according to this profile of its founder, Dr. Arnold Kim. Second, that the 75th anniversary edition of Esquire magazine is going to incorporate an honest-to-god battery-powered ePaper cover. Awesome. Bring on the cheap, reusable ePaper magazines!

College textbooks coming — slowly — to Kindle

Princeton University Press will be selling textbooks in Kindle editions, reports the Christian Science Monitor. That’s potentially good news for students: it’ll make carrying around a whole bunch of textbooks something besides a spine-compressing metaphor for their college loans. Not to mention how much less expensive those college textbooks will be when there are no […]

Amazon Still Having Trouble Shipping Kindles

Amazon is still having a hard time meeting the at-the-moment-nebulous demand for the Kindle. A pal of mine ordered his on March 24th, but as of today it still hasn’t shipped. Digitimes reported in January that PVI, the company that makes the Kindle’s ePaper display, is having trouble meeting demand. I suspect that is still […]

Amazon Kindle eBook Review (Verdict: Confusing, Expensive...but Promising)

Someday the Amazon Kindle will be worth your money. Having used the new eBook reader from Amazon for a few hours, I’m happy to report that it manages to accomplish its major goals ably. The ePaper screen is slightly smaller than that on its primary competitor, the Sony Reader, but is still quite legible and […]

Liveblogging Amazon Kindle eBook Launch

Im at the W Union Square for the Amazon Kindle launch. I’m going to try and liveblog this from my phone, using its miraculously miraculous miracle touchscreen keyboard. Pardon any mistakes; I’ll clean them up when I’m home. We’ve got another five minutes before we start, so for now join me in enjoying some smooth […]