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Motionless man uses computerized thought-to-speech interface (like a blogger, but with something to say)

Joshua Foer reports the plight of Erik Ramsey, a young man unable to move a muscle, and an experimental neuro-interface he’s helping to test that may convert his thoughts directly into synthesized speech: In the largest room of the dark, … Continue reading

Tom Junod on Steve Jobs

Tom Junod muses about Steve Jobs’ mortality in the latest issue of Esquire. Some highlights: “It’s almost like all the products are his own appearance,” says Steve Wozniak, the guy who built the first Apple computer in the garage of … Continue reading

The environmental cost of Esquire's e-ink cover

Clive Thompson points to some rough estimates done by Fast Company’s Anya Kamenetz about how much extra carbon it took to produce those e-ink covers: So… the total outlay in greenhouse gas emissions for this little experiment–again, this is based … Continue reading

MAKE hacks open the Esquire e-ink cover (Verdict: Hackable!)

MAKEs Phil Torrone snatched up a copy of Esquire’s lamentably designed e-ink edition, and there’s good news: Esquire has delivered their promise to cheaply sell hackable e-paper to hackers. There are 2 e-ink screens with flex connections (these are pricey … Continue reading

Esquire e-ink cover a pathetic disappointment

Esquire’s much-hyped e-ink cover has been spotted in the wild, and as the months and years unfurl ahead of us, merely quoting the lede of Joel’s wildly idealistic July feature to him will be enough to solicit hot, briny tears… … Continue reading

Esquire to geeks: hack our e-paper magazine cover

Update: PT took apart the cover now that it’s on the stands and it’s not at all what we’d hoped. Pity. [Make] E-paper cover a “stupid gimmick”? No way, Brian. Esquire’s animated 75th anniversary cover is the flashing, squawking future … Continue reading

Two things I learned from the New York Times this morning

First, MacRumors.com is huge. “4.4 million people and 40 million page views a month,” according to this profile of its founder, Dr. Arnold Kim. Second, that the 75th anniversary edition of Esquire magazine is going to incorporate an honest-to-god battery-powered … Continue reading