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Minifit XL: moveable Laptop Fan

Most under-notebook cooling panels have a fixed-position fan. You may move this one around, to better hit the hot spots on your particular model.’ Product Page [Cradia via xxx via Gizmodo]

Otto, a fan

Yours for $200, the Otto is a three-speed 45 watt model with a case made of sapele. Stadler Form designed it. Peter Ha at CrunchGear describes it as “manly.” Brits will love the name of the online store that carries … Continue reading

Guess what the Big Ass Fans corporation manufactures?

Their customer service line is closed for the day so I can’t figure out how much these cost, but unless you’re building a warehouse, shopping mall, or post-Final Fantasy IX airship, you probably don’t need to purchase one of these … Continue reading

Thermaltake makes CPU coolers into objets d'art

The Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler goes for $60, with a 12 volt fan and speeds of between 1,300 and 2,000 RPM. But that’s not why it gets posted. It gets posted because it looks just like a cyborg’s set of … Continue reading

'Bed Fan' keeps you cool under the sheets

‘Bed Fan’ clips on to the end of your mattress to blow cool air — or in my case clouds of dog hair — from under your bed into your sheets. One might ask, “Why not just ditch the sheet … Continue reading

Fanimation Air Shadow Ceiling Fan with Retracting Blades

There appears to be absolutely no functional reason why the Fanimation Air Shadow ceiling fans retract its four blades when not in use besides “looking cool.” But since the chunky metal design was already appealing, the fact that it closes … Continue reading