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Tablet computer gallery

Wired’s Brian Chen polishes off the history of tablet computers … beginning in 1888.

Gallery: 23 photos of soldiers looking completely badass

Best Warrior “A Soldier competing in the “Best Warrior” competition participates in a night-fire exercise at Fort Lee, Va., Oct. 2. Twenty-four of the Army’s finest warriors representing 12 commands from across the Army gathered at Fort Lee, Va., from … Continue reading

Gallery of abandoned exotic cars

Abandoned exotic cars — left to rot in dank alleys, to fade in the hot sun, to be stripped for parts in war zones — are featured in this heartbreakingly forlorn gallery. The images are all SFW, but some of … Continue reading

Vintage PC hardware gallery

Said to be the first laptop computer, The GRiD compass was designed in 1979 by Bill Moggridge. In its day, the 320×200 display, bubble RAM and integrated 1200 bps modem made it the province of only the most spendy outfits: … Continue reading

Gallery of vintage toy robots

Just in time for us all to slack off on a no-news Friday, Dark Roasted Blend posts a gallery of wonderfully vintage toy robots, repelete in their own wind up, spark spitting retro magnificence. And look at that robot Fido! … Continue reading

Flickr gallery of retro transistor radios

This Flickr gallery of old transistor radios, pointed out by the wonderful Retro-Thing, is surprisingly captivating. You simply don’t see this scope of aesthetic design in today’s line-up of ubiquitous PMPs. Of course, transistor radios had decades to experiment with … Continue reading

ANSI Art Show at 20 GOTO 10 Gallery

Geek Entertainment TV travelled to the 20 GOTO 10 gallery in San Francisco to look at the latest show, “ANSI,” which highlights some of the great art that was created for the BBS scene of the ’80s and ’90s. (And … Continue reading