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OnLive: Is this little box the future of game hardware? (Probably not.)

Loyd Case explains how OnLive, a gaming service that offloads the rendering to a server farm and streams the results to your home over the internet, will work: When you fire up a game using the browser built into the … Continue reading

CES Video: D-Box Motion Chairs

We got a chance to sample the motion simulation gear from D-BOX at this year’s CES, including this fantastic new GPH-120 “Home” model that starts at a low, low $3,000. Pricey, yes — but it makes most other home interactive … Continue reading

Custom PlayStation 3 interface helps disabled man game again

A young man calling himself “KitsuneYume” had this PlayStation 3 interface custom manufactured that allows him to control the vast majority of the buttons and toggles that make gaming possible. An array of widgets, including even a tongue-controlled toggle, were … Continue reading

Hardcore Computer Reactor PC puts videocards in mineral oil dunk tank

Previously the domain of adventurous overclockers, Hardcore Computer is now selling the “Reactor”, a PC case filled with mineral oil in which videocards are submerged. Because oil absorbs heat better than air, the videocards can be overclocked far beyond what … Continue reading

Open Pandora handheld gaming available for pre-order

Open Pandora, the powerful portable gaming platform with dual analog thumbsticks and a full QWERTY keyboard is now available for pre-order for $330. We’ve spent a fair amount of time debating whether I should get one or not, but while … Continue reading

Cult of Mac: the iPod Touch is not a serious gaming platform

We sometimes argue in the BBG editor’s chatroom about whether the iPhone / iPod Touch can really make any headway against the DS or PSP as a gaming platform. Ultimately, we all agree that it’s not really a gaming device … Continue reading

Beautifully hand painted retro gamer belt buckles

Etsy crafter Natalie Hutcheson makes some righteous hand painted belt buckles of retro video games. Currently, Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. are available for $18 a pop. Natalie’s etsy shop [Etsy via Geek Alerts]

Enter... the Commodore 65!

Retro-Thing takes a nostalgic look back at the retro console that never was, the hysterically named Commodore 65. After the spectacular success of the Commodore 64, CBM barely knew what to do with themselves. They created the Commodore 128 that … Continue reading

EA on iPhone game development: the accelerometer's no good for precision

Those who have played Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone basically all agree that its a cuspid-clamping affair. The merest tilt is enough to send your bubble-contained simian flying into an existentially terrifying purple vapor, Super Monkey Ball’s metaphor for … Continue reading

Canonical: Game with Boing Boing Gadgets

It is perhaps no secret that Joel, Rob and I all carry within our bloated, bile-filled bellies the absorbed fetuses of our doppelgangers, all of whom — in another universe, perhaps — could have been hired to run the entirely … Continue reading