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Short Film: GE's Principles of Electricity (1945)

Stolen directly from our betters at MAKE:, the 1945 short film “Principles of Electricity” from General Electric, full of appealing animation. Previously: Short Film: The Electrician (1942)

This is GE Performance Television

Look closely at that screen. Although the unit is turned off, you can still see the shadows of several dozen orphans pressed hammering against the inside of the screen. Now that’s GE Performance Television. Chuck here would like to sell … Continue reading

GE Caulk Singles

Forgive any exuberance about a single-serving product, but these “Caulk Singles” from GE could be very handy for small touch-up home improvements. And considering that most of the time I use caulk I end up using just a little bit … Continue reading

Power On Self Test: Videophone circa 1939

[via Paleo-Future, who’d love some confirmation as to the validity of this picture.]

Solar-Powered Radio from the '50s

Modern Mechanix, astute as always, asks this question about this solar-powered radio from 1956, said to operate in the dark for up to eight months without recharging: “If they have a battery that powers the radio for eight months why … Continue reading