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Silly helmet covers for barbarian bikers

Martin at “Silly Helmet Covers” will sell you one of these stylish additions to your open face motorcycle helmet for just $44, shipped. (Helmet not included, of course.) Product Page [SillyHelmetCovers.com]

Protective plastic insert turns baseball cap into safety helmet

We’ve all been there: staking out a Little League game, trying to get photographic evidence of the neighbor kid picking his nose. (The only saving grace of blackmailing families with no vices is that even an inconsequential social transgression can … Continue reading

Skull Helmet

While I think anybody who rides a motorcycle without a full-faced helmet has a wish to have their jaw sheared off and wrapped around their trachea like a bone choker, I have a feeling the chopper-and-hog set have few such … Continue reading

Replica AirWolf Helmet with Working "Speed Visor"

This replica helmet based on those seen in the ’80s network series AirWolf has a “fully-functional Speed Visor,” as well as an “LED targeting bar” and some other stuff, like five switches to boost up to Over-Awesome. It’s available on … Continue reading