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Nokia "Tube" launches Oct. 2

Reuters reports that Nokia’s Tube phone will be seen next Thursday. The Finns’ iClone will get its marketing baptism at a party in London. “There is a lot of pressure on Nokia,” it quotes a Gartner analyst as saying. Photo: … Continue reading

Sympathetic magic

Welcome the Suo Xin ZT888: sympathethic chinese apple magic, yours for $115.43. [via Slipperybrick] Another one from the same manufacturer! Here’s one from the darkest corners of the international house of crap. The cherry, which is to say the apple, … Continue reading

Touchscreen BlackBerry shots surface

Crackberry has the goods on RIM’s glass-screened multi-touch iClone, the BlackBerry Thunder. It looks like this: Or this: Most interesting will be the haptic feedback, and whether it adds that special tactile sauce to the iffy experience of touchscreen typing. … Continue reading