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Cars! Pairing Mercedes with iPhone

Bluetooth is a standard feature on Mercedes’ COMAND system, allowing owners of many phones to use the dashboard’s phone keypad to make calls. SMS messaging will be introduced some time down the line, too. But we’ll admit that trying to … Continue reading

The $1 iPhone case

Case-mate’s carboard iPhone case comes with free shipping and personalization–with a Sharpie.

Want indigestion? There's an app for that

Thank God. Check out Chipotle Mexican Grill: The WebApp.

Hands On w/HTC's myTouch

I dropped by Wired to talk about HTC’s latest Android phone. Previously: HTC's latest Android phone, the Hero A few days with the HTC Touch Pro 2 HTC: Our new phone will be better than the Palm Pre – Boing … Continue reading

iPhone users loathe AT&T

From Computerworld: Owners of Apple’s new iPhone 3GS love the device, but more than half of them hate AT&T, the smartphone’s exclusive mobile carrier in the U.S., according to a just-released survey. A part of it is that the carrier … Continue reading

iPhone charging dock made from cedar wood

Do you love your gadgets just as much as you love nature? This dual iPhone-iPod docking station found on Etsy is made of real cedar wood, so it smells lovely and looks like a little log cabin just for your … Continue reading

Old-Timey iPhone Dock - Part II

Last night I joined my friend Matt in a wood shop where he works, and we cranked out a couple “iPhone Horns,” the Magnavox-powered sound dock Matt invented and I blogged about a few months ago. We used plunging and … Continue reading

Review: 3 Reasons Why Nokia's N97 Is a Bummer

Matt Buchanan at Gizmodo already hit the nail on the head with his spot-on assessment of the N97: Nokia is doomed. So I won’t spend much time shooting a dead (well, dying*) horse dead-er, but having manhandled the N97 for … Continue reading

Apple kills Google Voice on iPhone

Jason Kinkaid at Techcrunch: The company that once made record labels bow to a flat 0.99 pricing structure for years longer than they would have liked is now screwing customers because AT&T asked them to.

Fourth-gen iPhone in the wild

So, a poor fellow who worked for Apple supplier Foxconn lost a prototype iPhone and then committed suicide. Only Fake Steve Jobs, naturally, is forward with a simpler hypothesis: he stole it and was murdered for doing so. But in … Continue reading