Introducing the Kindle Gutenberg Bookreader

The end-user license agreement is up at McSweeney’s: Congratulations on purchasing the newest iteration of our electronic readers, the Kindle Genius Browser. We have made this new device compatible with all previous versions of the e-book, but there are some new features we’d like to introduce.

E Ink acquisition sets stage for color epaper by 2010

Reuters: Prime View said on Monday it would pay about $215 million for E Ink, whose flexible digital displays are used in Amazon’s Kindle and the Sony Reader. … E Ink Vice President Sriram Peruvemba said the deal would provide the financing and manpower needed to fuel development of color displays, slated for mass production […]

Why the Kindle DX doesn't have a WiFi-only option

Cnet’s Larry Dignon points out that the Kindle DX is not economical for students. In year three, that student will start saving money via the Kindle ($1,464 on paper textbooks vs. $1,239). The big caveat here: I didn’t include the used book market and assumed that the Kindle DX still functions well. Another big assumption: […]

9.7-inch Kindle DX brings big screen to e-book reader

Amazon’s Kindle DX has a 9.7″ e-ink display with 1200×824 pixels, 16 shades of gray, and faster page transitions. 10.4 inches long and 7.2 wide, it is 0.38 inches thick and retains the basic capabilities of the standard model: EVDO internet and the Amazon store. New features include native PDF support and 4GB of storage, […]