Plastic Logic "Kindle killer" e-Reader seems too large for easy stowing

Several details can be gleaned from TG Daily’s video about the Plastic Logic e-Reader such as types of documents supported (most) and some technical details (mini-USB), but one thing struck me as I watched the booth attendant hold the device while being interviewed: for a so-called “Kindle killer” it’s awfully big. The Kindle’s screen could […]

Plastic Logic's sleek, slim, touchscreen e-reader

As promised, Plastic Logic unveiled the details of its new e-reader yesterday, and it is a serious challenge to the Kindle. The Plastic Logic device takes a very Apple-like approach to the e-reader. Eschewing two-dimensional smallness for slimness, the Plastic Logic is roughly A4 sized at 8.5 by 11 inches yet is less than 3/10ths […]

Laptop Mag reviews Peek e-mail only PDA (Verdict: A Kindle for email)

When the Peek pocket email device was first announced, some of you were skeptical. But Laptop Magazine likes it quite a bit, and spells out the Peek’s charm in one captivating analogy: the Kindle is for books, and the Peek is for email. We did notice that the Peek took a bit longer than a […]

Amazon to release two new Kindles by the end of the year?

Crunchgear has posted an intriguing insider rumor on what we might expect from Amazon in the Kindle 2.0, which their source says we should see by October. According to their source, two new versions of the Kindle will hit by the end of the year. The first will come out in October, which maintains […]

English novelist Nick Hornby on eBook readers

Over at Penguin Books’ official blog, there’s a surprisingly excellent little post by English novelist Nick Hornby, in which he level-headedly points out all the little niggling problems that face ebook readers in gaining mass acceptance. Some of the points are elegantly restated tropes of the anti-ebook argument (“Book lovers love books as a form […]

College textbooks coming — slowly — to Kindle

Princeton University Press will be selling textbooks in Kindle editions, reports the Christian Science Monitor. That’s potentially good news for students: it’ll make carrying around a whole bunch of textbooks something besides a spine-compressing metaphor for their college loans. Not to mention how much less expensive those college textbooks will be when there are no […]