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Hustler Zeon, a big yellow electric riding lawnmower

The Hustler Zeon is an all-electric, zero-turn riding lawnmower—they say it’s the first in the world. Hustler’s site has nearly no information, but Uncrate reports the Zeon will have up to 80 minutes of mowing time per charge. That sounds … Continue reading

SunLawn LMM-40 Push Reel Mower reviewed (Verdict: Smooth — but death in the long grass)

TreeHugger reviews the SunLawn LMM-40 Push Reel Mower ($140 on Amazon) and gives it a thumbs-up for normal length grass — “smooth as butter” &;mdash; but says it bogs down a bit in the long stuff. (Typical of most reel … Continue reading

iRobot's lawnmower patents

Robot Stock News has dug up patents filed by iRobot that indicate the company behind the Roomba has considered making a home robot that cuts grass. While it’s being somewhat breathlessly reported by Robot Stock News, it’s really no surprise: … Continue reading

Custom Lawn Choppers

Treehugger has assembled a delightful gallery of custom riding lawnmowers. And because it’s El Hug, you know they have to be powered by humans. I think reel mowers are great, but I can’t help but think attaching one to a … Continue reading