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A perfect leather case for big laptops

Perfectly-sized for 17″ laptops (there’s also a 15″ cut), Saddleback’s $245 bag is made of waterproof, oil-tanned full grain boot leather, padded with neoprene, and comes with a 100 year warranty. There are no breakable parts, either, such as snaps … Continue reading

Leather laptop bag folds 8 ways

Hard Graft’s 2UNFOLD laptop bag is, well, my kind of laptop bag: leather, lots of pockets and compartments, and unnecessarily complicated. Designed to transform into 8 different styles–briefcase, shoulder bag, rucksack, reversible courier (leather or canvas) and reversible clutch–it can … Continue reading

Leather beer holster

It’s yours for $125 atEtrelles’ Etsy store, spotted at The Awesomer.

Lenovo's secret Vaio P sibling

Engadget has pics of a rival for Sony’s underpowered, oversexed Vaio P, spotted at Lenovo’s offices. 21:9 aspect ratio in leather? Yes, please. Lenovo’s VAIO P Reserve Edition? [Engadget]

Neatsfoot oil, for recovering leather

From Outside’s fascinating profile of Brit Eaton, a man who scavenges Western states to recover vintage clothing which he sells at a tremendous markup to collectors and fashion archivists: THE LEADS FROM THE PEEPHOLE kept us busy for a couple … Continue reading

Leather Keyboard

Natural media peripherals have an obvious appeal: the latest technology married to the real world’s own bounty, as beautiful and simple as it often is. A walnut PC enclosure, perhaps, or a mouse made of stone. But a leather keyboard? … Continue reading

Leaf keychain contains secret speaker

I’d want Bird Electron’s gorgeous leather leaf keychain even if it didn’t have an inbuilt speaker. Product Page [Bird Electron via Akihabara News]

Bluetooth, Steampunk-style

Nicrosin’s amazing Victorian-style mechanical confections deserve to be made real. As it is, he made them from sculpey and watch parts, lining with leather for comfort. Nicrosin’s Photostream [via Watchismo]

Rule universe from leather throne

Nature may have the best gadgets, but the galactic imperium has the best furniture. White cat and matching miniskirt not included. Product Page [Tom Spina via Gadget Lab, etc.]

Black leather keyboard doesn't need letters

Kazuharu Sakura’s leather keyboard is beautiful, minimalist, and tactile. And when you’re done with it, you can use it as a BDSM paddle! There’s no price listed, but the artist’s other work isn’t insanely overpriced. Kazuharu Sakura: Handmade Keyboard Art! … Continue reading