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Rubik's track lighting?

MIO’s LED track lighting appears to be designed for use as anything but track lighting.

Video: Projekt P.I.W.O. 3, apartment building as light show

As captured by Engadget Polska, the latest performance of Projekt P.I.W.O., a hacker group that turns buildings into light shows. Not a new concept, of course, but P.I.W.O. is really good at it.

Coiled beeswax candle and holder is its own simple timer

This elegantly unembellished candle holder allows you to draw up just as much candle as you choose, automatically extinguishing itself after the allotted time. Ever three inches provides about an hour of light, putting an entire beeswax coil in the … Continue reading

DIY lighting solutions for photographers

After losing my little Sony Cybershot at CES and mourning the absence of a Smile Shutter in my life to pick up my friend’s most accidentally contorted rictuses, I decided I would buy myself a Canon G10 in the hopes … Continue reading

Bookmark Bedside Lamp

This is simple, but great: the Bookmark Bedside Lamp features one protruding spine over which to splay your half-read book at the end of the night. I only wish it had more protruding bookmarks, splayed in a fan around the … Continue reading

Robot Lamp for dim, robotless rooms

For the room that doesn’t have enough robots. Which, let’s face it, is basically every room. $30. Robot Lamp [Urban Outfitters via Bot Junkie]

Bliss Lights, laser-powered starfield fairy lights

Kirk K. writes about “Bliss Lights”, a fancy lighting projector that sprays a moving pattern of lights all over: I saw these guys at a lighting conference in Vegas this year. They make these little laser emitters that project these … Continue reading

Video: Emergency Party Button

While this implementation of a emergency party button that turns a living room into a seedy nightclub in just a few seconds is laudable, in a perfect world slapping that big red button would cause steel doors to shut instantly … Continue reading

ReMake It! kit turns wine corks into trivet

Tiffany Threadgould’s “RePlayGround” sells three fun “ReMake It!” kits that let you turn trash into stuff you can use: there’s a Magazine Stationary kit that gives you stickers and templates to turn glossy mags into envelopes and postcards ($5); a … Continue reading

d°light Huggable glowing pillow reviewed (Verdict: Not so huggable)

Pillows are practically perfect in their default incarnation, so adding lights — lights that sacrifice the overall comfort due to their plastic, ball-like casing — is a big stretch. Especially at $160, the price of the “d°light Huggable” by Diana … Continue reading