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"This Is Going To Be Such A Rad Tweet..."

Process for tabletizing a MacBook animated in stop-motion

Considering the 256-level, pressure sensitive touchscreen they installs into your last-gen MacBook costs a couple hundred bucks max, and the fact that tabletizing an Apple laptop means giving up the keyboard for good, Tech Restore’s ModBook service seems pretty steep … Continue reading

X-Ray MacBook

The glowing irradiated inside of an Apple MacBook, as photographed by the curious Jason de Villa… as seen by the TSA every day! About a week ago, I was in the mood to do something crazy – anything to help … Continue reading

App turns iPhone into ad-hoc MacBook num pad

Numberkey is a nifty iPhone app that extends your MacBook or MacBook Pro keyboard with an ad-hoc numeric keypad, which communicates with your laptop via WiFi. It comes with many different skins, from the modern chiclets to italicized numerals of … Continue reading

Mac Pro Ultra Mini made out of broken MacBook and aluminum enclosure

By cramming the still functioning guts of a waterlogged MacBook into an aluminum external hard drive closure and melting a whole lot of solder, the guys over at WolphBite managed to create their own Mac Pro Ultra Mini. It looks … Continue reading

I hope you know about this suede notebook sleeve in time

WaterField already has new suede sleeves out, cut precisely to fit the new MacBooks. Great for anti-scratch, not so much for falls or unexpected use as a seat cushion. The marketing pitch they sent was amusingly aggressive, given that it’s … Continue reading

Oobject Gallery: Monocoque design and the new MacBook

David Galbraith of Oobject trained as an architect, which always makes his commentary on the design of gadgetry come at interesting angles to that of regular ol’ techdorks like me. I’m going to quote his latest write-up nearly in its … Continue reading

Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook upgrades

Apple today announced two new laptop computers, available for sale tomorrow. The updated MacBook Pro and the updated MacBook share a new unibody aluminum “brick” manufacturing process; black, backlit keys (on the Pro and higher-end MacBook only); a new, buttonless … Continue reading

High-res photos of new MacBook released to consumers

Take a look at the splendid forthcoming revision to the MacBook. Isn’t it just keynote? They say that with the aluminum ration at 100 grammes a week, it’s seldom possible to produce an attractive and durable-but-minimalist chassis for a creditline … Continue reading

MacBooks to get NVIDIA GPUs come October 14th?

The latest rumor to belch up from the Internet’s bloated lower intestine: Apple may be upgrading their low-end MacBook line to include Nvidia GPUs, come October 14th. According to The Uranus Apple Weblog: TUAW is hearing from various sources that … Continue reading