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What's the best multiple-button mouse for Macs?

It’s funny how the little irritations of pre-OSX era Mac ownership still have little aftershocks, at least for everyday consumers. Such as having to buy third-party software to get hardware support for extra mouse buttons with certain vendors. [jwz]

Dead head

Ivan Mavrovic’s creepy computer mouse give me the chills. [Steampunk Workshop]

The ugliest mouse ever

Vaguely reminiscent of oil crash concept cars–and about as easy to move places. [Engadget]

Logitech V220 kisses gunmental gray goodbye

Logitech is among the best maker of mice (its poor Mac support notwithstanding) but designs tend toward gray, black and the occasional flash of plastichrome. These new V220s, $30 notebook size models with no extra buttons, make a more colorful … Continue reading

Razer Mamba and Microsoft SideWinder X8 mice reviewed (Verdict: Both excellent)

Matt Buchanan reviews the Razer Mamba and SideWinder X8 wireless gaming mice, both of which are wireless mice finally have a fast enough response to be indistinguishable from wired mouse while gaming. They are also both inexplicably named after snakes, … Continue reading


As protesters marched against the G20 summit, bankers leaned out of windows and waved Bullion mice from iwantoneofthose.com at the crowd. “Despite all appearances,” the product page warns us, “the mouse is NOT made out of gold.”

Wheel Mouse (groan)

$14 at Brando.

High-tech mousetrap gains engineer a new friend

Jim Clark made a mousetrap of unimaginable complexity, expense and coolness. Hooked up to a camera and strobe lights, it captured the nightly misadventures of a mouse that took up residence in his kitchen. There was a humane and happy … Continue reading

Spot the difference: NZXT Avatar gaming mouse redesigned

NZXT revised its gaming mouse. They changed just one thing, and it makes a world of difference, immediately apparent after moments of use. It’s visible on this photo. Can you spot it? No googling, now!

The Logitech Mice That Weren't

Logitech is getting a bit nostalgic, but they deserve it: they’ve just shipped their billionth mouse. As part of their look back over the last 20 years of the company, they have provided this fantastic slideshow showing many of the … Continue reading