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USB microscopes getting cheap

This USB microscope shuns the realistic style of its ilk for a more alien look. At under $100, it’s not going to be lab-issue stuff, but I can imagine plenty of fun to be had with 100x zoom and the … Continue reading

University Logo Carved Onto Human Hair with Focused Ion Beam

I’ve been at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, today shooting a piece for Planet Green. While I can’t talk about that yet, I can show you these awesome pictures that Dr. Ray LaPierre of the Department of Engineering showed me. … Continue reading

Celestron Microscope with LCD Screen and Camera

This cute little digital microscope only goes up to 40x power, but displays its peerings on a built-in 3.5-inch LCD screen, which can also be used to snap photos and video. It doesn’t have the charm of a traditional microscope, … Continue reading

Disposable Microscope Cards

These tiny microscope cards allow you to magnify samples from 500 to 1,000 times depending on the amount of ambient light and (my favorite thing) how closely you view the lens. They’re disposable, too—or rather designed for single use—and are … Continue reading

World's *est: Olympus' Microscopic Questionnaire

Olympus, who also makes lab equipment as well as cameras, recently sent around a set of questionnaires on a glass slide which to be viewed with a microscope to be read. It may be up for the not-so-illustrious honor of … Continue reading