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Dell to make ultra-mobile audio-visual presentation platform

From Pocket PC to HPC to UMPC to MID, Intel and Microsoft rebrand their idea of palmtop computers with unerring regularity. This illustrates their desire to design perfect consumers rather than perfect computers: the specs read like a list of … Continue reading

Korean Lluon Mobbit MID Box

Oh, hell yeah. [via Engadget]

Liliv S7 MID promises 7 hour HD battery life

Overlooked in the chaos of enthusiasm that followed the announcement of the Vaio P is Viliv’s S7 MID, which — providing the feature bullet points isn’t just a collection of bold lies — looks pretty swank. According to Viliv, the … Continue reading

Hands-on with OQO 2+, UMID, Panasonic Toughbook U1 and the Compal JAX 10

As soon as you walk into CES’ central hall, Intel’s treasure trove of wee handheld computers presents itself. After half an hour playing with them, I’ve changed my mind about something. Mobile Internet Devices aren’t just another echo of the … Continue reading

UMID rebrands latest UMPC/MID as "mini-netbook"

Korean manufacturer UMID’s latest touchscreen UMPC has all the gorgeous, unergonomic allure of the best pocket electronic dictionaries, but instead runs XP, VIsta or Linux on an Atom chipset instead, with 1GB of memory and up to 32GB of SSD … Continue reading

Toshiba MID concept looks like offspring of Nintendo DS, iPhone and a very fat wallet

Toshiba’s “SD Multi Tool” prototype is more than the average iClone. Pitched as a mobile internet device (MID) it has dual 960×480-resolution touchscreen displays, a Micro-SD card slot, HDMI, a USB port and a headphone jack. It’s 11.6 centimeters long … Continue reading

Pocketables reviews Sharp Willcom D4 MID (Verdict: Turd.)

Pocketables’ Jenn Lee posts her final review on the latest MID ripped in premature C-Section from Sharp R&D’s belly by their own restless marketing midwives: the Willcom D4. Like most premies, it seems to have trouble breathing without an incubator. … Continue reading

HTC to develop cheap mobile internet devices

DigiTimes reports that HTC, maker of many smartphones and the too-little-too-late HTC Shift UMPC, has noted the Asus Eee and will make cheap little computers to steal its thunder. HTC is developing new MID (Mobile Internet Device) products, using Intel’s … Continue reading

Gigabyte MID specs, price set

Intel’s Mobile Internet Device (MID) spec was once said to be a distilled, consumer-oriented version of pricey ultramobile PCs (UMPC). The notion’s wandered sort of back toward “expensive” since then: Gigabyte’s M528 MID, with an 800MHz Atom CPU, 8GB flash … Continue reading

Intel spokesman: no larger Atom iPhone

Fscklog, a German blog that covers Apple, says that Intel’s “confirmation” of an Atom-based, larger iPhone is no such thing. “Intel’s press spokesman Mike Cato made clear to me that the statement made by Intel Germany’s CEO Hannes Schwaderer is … Continue reading