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Royal Enfield Military 500 motorcycle

Rob and I are both under the weather today, so pardon if we’re not up to our usual military-grade precision. Swiss watches we are, of normal. But today our clockworks are busy churning up phlegm. Gross! Why am I… So … Continue reading

First Look: Mission One electric motorcycle

Take a gander at the Mission One, the plug-in electric motorcycle from Mission Motors. With a 150-mile range and a top speed of 150 silent miles per hour, all wrapped up in a Yves BĂ©har design, the Mission One isn’t … Continue reading

CORE Competency: Victory Motorcycle's new concept

Victory Motorcycles built this “CORE” concept motorcycle in cast aluminum and paired it with a 1,731cc engine in a bike that weighs only 469 pounds. [Motorcycle-USA.com via Core77]

Icon Warthog motorcycle puts the A-10 on the I-10

“The Warthog” is a show bike from Icon which suggests what should become standard equipment for fabulous road warriors: a cute little mini-gun. Sure, aiming might be difficult, but the rotation of the barrels should add an extra axis of … Continue reading

Silly helmet covers for barbarian bikers

Martin at “Silly Helmet Covers” will sell you one of these stylish additions to your open face motorcycle helmet for just $44, shipped. (Helmet not included, of course.) Product Page [SillyHelmetCovers.com]

Video: He-Man and the Hulk sell motorcycles in Brazil

He-Man and Skeletor sell Honda Motorcycles from the Mearim Motos dealership in Brazil. How could this be better? If they hired a crazy kid to paint his body like the Hulk but he ends up looking more like a young … Continue reading

Homebrew Electric Motorcycle

Benjamin Nelson built his own electric motorcycle from parts he got on Craigslist and from a local farm store. It only has a 15 mile range, but it gets the equivalent of 300MPG (based on current prices of gas and … Continue reading

Marines' Diesel Motorcycle

The Times profiles the “Hayes Diversified Technologies M103M1,” a military variant of the Kawasaki KLR650 motorcycle that runs of the ever-present JP-8 diesel fuel. The result isn’t a performance beast, but does get 96 miles to the gallon and is … Continue reading

Teutonic Terrorcycle

A German motorcycle craftsman has created “Satte Literschüssel,”* a beautifully barbaric beast of bike powered by a tractor engine, sporting metal-banded ash forks and what appears to be a shovel for a seat. My only question: how would one steer … Continue reading

Honda Motorcycle Modded Into Jet Fighter

F15 Jet Fighter Honda Motorcycle – The funniest videos clips are here This Honda Goldwing has been modified to look and sound like a jet fighter yet is still street legal. The interview with the man who made it makes … Continue reading