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NEC offers typically Japanese take on a netbook

It weights just over a pound-and-a-half, a good pound less than other netbooks. It is just .62-inches thick. It has what appears to be a useable keyboard (less so if you can’t hang with the Thinkpad-style navigation clitoris.) And like … Continue reading

Lenovo S12 the first Nvidia Ion-powered netbook...probably

John Hermann: Pricing starts at $449, and the S12 goes on sale in July. Ion, however, won’t make its way to production units until an unspecified “late summer” date, and it’ll cost a $50 premium over the standard, Intel-based solution.

MSI X340 X-Thin laptop reviewed (Verdict: Merely okay)

The MSI X340 is a netbook in the body of a MacBook Air. Joanna Stern, a woman who has single-handedly made Laptop magazine the center of the netbook universe, passes judgement on a not-quite-production model: For $899, the MSI X340 … Continue reading

Dell Vostro (aka Darth Mini 9) available for $200; makes a fine hackintosh

Above you’ll see my Runcore 64GB SSD drive sitting in front of my Dell Mini 9. The Runcore cost me $220—just $30 less than I paid for my Mini 9. Now Dell is selling its business black version of the … Continue reading

Sharp Mebius NJ70 netbook replaces touchpad with touchscreen

While its guts are the same old netbook standard, Sharp’s new Mebius NJ70A (named after an ancient Shinto calculus demon) puts a slick little 4-inch LCD touchscreen in place of the typically chintzy touchpad. Amusingly, the little touchscreen, which can … Continue reading

Woz autographs a hackintosh netbook

Matthew PB writes: Got to briefly meet Steve Wozniak as he was doing some press for Dancing with the Stars. I showed him my Dell Mini 9 with OS X Leopard installed on it (and an Apple sticker sloppily applied … Continue reading

How to install XP on a Sony Vaio P

No netbook should be running Vista. Period. Exclamation point. Dell Mini 9 smashed repeatedly into the bridge of Steve Ballmer’s nose. And that even goes for the beefy-for-a-netbook-but-don’t-call-it-a-netbook Sony Vaio P. Luckily, the process of downgrading the Vaio P’s built-in … Continue reading

Samsung NC10 gets larger trackpad, 9.5 hours of battery life

Joel and Rob are enamored with other netbooks — the Wind and Inspiron Mini, respectively, mostly for OS X hackability — but I still recommend the Samsung NC10 to anyone who cares to listen. It’s a gorgeous little machine that … Continue reading

Bandai netbook features green skin and cute, blob-like monsters

This Japanese netbook is notable for two things. The first is its branding: it is infested with various adorable, blob-like monster chans from the realm of Japanese children’s television.That implies an interesting future for netbooks as children’s laptops… an intuitive … Continue reading

Asus 1000HE: the first netbook with a truly usable keyboard

Laptop Magazine has gotten a sneak peak at the new Asus Eee 1000HE and the new chiclet style keyboard is a great success, allowing the reviewer to rattle off over 83 words per minute, plucking gingerly down on the right … Continue reading