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NYC cops learn a lesson about photography

New York City cops have been informed that photography is “rarely unlawful”, reports the Post: Faced with complaints from photographers and tourists alike, the NYPD has issued a department order reminding cops that the right to take pictures in the … Continue reading

Swinging Apple baffles

Outside the Apple Soho store, a little bite of commentary. Or just a visual pun! A hobo warding? House sparrow tetherball? I do not know. Image: Adam Lawrence (And thanks!)

Lionel NYC MTA Subway train set with working lights, station announcements

Lionel is selling its first-ever subway train set, modeled after the New York MTA’s R-27 subway cars that were in service up until the early 1990s. These are the same cars that were re-painted red in the ’70s and ’80s … Continue reading

Sky Watch: NYPD's mobile surveillance towers

This twenty-foot retractable watchtower is dubbed “Sky Watch” according to Animal New York. It’s used by the NYPD to monitor areas where crime is spiking…which means that it’s currently just a few stops West of me in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where … Continue reading

Designer secretly builds amazing architectural cipher into $8.5m apartment

The New York Times reports on a Da Vinci Code-esque scavenger hunt built in hidden riddles, poems and numberless secret doors and drawers by architectural designer Eric Clough in a 4,200-square-foot Fifth Avenue apartment once owned by Marjorie Merriweather Post. … Continue reading

Taking a Full-Sized Computer into Starbucks

The latest stunt from Improv Everywhere saw three pranksters bring in full-sized desktop PCs to Starbucks, where they proceeded to buy a coffee and set browse the web. The Starbucks employees were good sports. Mission: Mobile Desktop [ImprovEverywhere.com]

Electing Greener Leaders

As I’ve said before, I highly doubt we’ll be able to buy our way out of any climate or environmental crisis. (Although every little change we can make helps.) And while this particular anecdote does in fact talk about buying … Continue reading

Hiding Information in an Image's Histogram

Here’s a clever little trick for Photoshop nerds: Ironic Sans presented the image on the left as a puzzle for their readers. Turns out the histogram (on the right) displays the skyline of New York City. Yes, I felt a … Continue reading