"My ongoing Kafka-esque nightmare of dealing with Palm and their App Catalog submission process"

JWZ tears his hair out: though among the earliest Palm PrĂ© developers, trying to get stuff into its app store is a pointless waste of time. Apple devs think they have it bad, but at least Apple is strongly motivated to exploit their work. The odd part to this story is that Palm’s app store […]

Palm rather likes defecting Apple employees, actually

Two years ago, Bloomberg reports, Palm’s Ed Colligan rejected an offer from Steve Jobs to join Silicon Valley’s hiring cartel. Jobs, Apple’s CEO, told Colligan he was concerned that Rubinstein was recruiting Apple employees. “We must do whatever we can to stop this,” Jobs said in the communications. The details of these agreements not to […]

Living off the grid with a Palm Pre: Cattle Rancher Edition

File this review from a rancher who used only his Palm Pre to access the web under “phones are computers now”: I did a lot of study and comparison shopping before I decided on the Pre. Again, my family lives completely off-grid. What power we do use comes from our small solar array, and we […]

Palm's $70 Touchstone Charger and its "$5" innards

“Very cool engineering! But the parts in the $70 Touchstone kit are very simple, and we’d be shocked if it cost more than $5 to manufacture.” [Ifixit Twitter status] iFixit: “Did it take you much time to create the Touchstone Charger? How soon did you knock it off?” Palm: “Oh, I ‘knock one off’ possibly […]

Video: Palm Pre's Touchstone dock's amazing grip

Whether it uses carbon nanotubes to mimic geckos’ feet or not, there’s no doubt that the surface of the Palm Pre’s inductive Touchstone charger is really, really impressive. It’s doesn’t feel gummy or tacky, either. Previously ⌦ Gecko-inspired glue ⌦ Hang your living room from the ceiling with Gecko Glue

Palm Pre could masquerade as iPod to work with iTunes

John Gruber writes that if the Palm Pre’s iTunes compatibility is achieved by circumventing Apple’s hardware lockouts, it would be “unbecoming” and “duplicitous.” Hardly, unless you’re prepared to accept the recasting of shaky legal doctrines–the Digital Millenium Copyright Act’s anti-circumvention provisions–as moral principles. Remember the attempts of Lexmark and Chamberlain to prevent generic printer ink […]

Mad Money: Is Elevation Partners' Roger McNamee batshit crazy...like a fox?

Elevation Partners’ Roger McNamee, on stage at the D7 conference along with Palm’s Jon Rubinstein, as transcribed by Joshua Topolsky: ⌦ “This product has the best alien technology.” ⌦ “And it eats iPhones for breakfast!” ⌦ “It’ll be at precisely 4:20.” McNamee was responding to Walt Mossberg’s question about an earlier boast about when iPhone […]