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Comcast: Most Pittsburghers to get double internet speed at no extra cost

I got a phone call from Comcast last night. A recorded message told me that the service would be briefly down for upgrades in the early hours, and that the result would be double internet speeds for “most” customers at … Continue reading

Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO: The Guggenheim and Falling Water

Brickstructures has added two more models to their series of architectural LEGO microscale models, both designed by Frank Lloyd Wright: The Guggenheim Museum and Falling Water. The Gugg is $55, shipped, within the U.S.; it doesn’t actually appear that Falling … Continue reading

Style frames from The Road

“Style Frames” are sort of like very rough concept art for movies, meant to evoke a feeling instead of being used a direct reference for set building and the like. Or at least that’s what I’ve inferred from Hugh Marchant’s … Continue reading

Robot City, Pittsburgh

Robot City is a brownfield site in Pittsburgh, a railway roundhouse and abandoned cokeworks that once served as handmaiden to America’s industrial revolution. Carnegie Mellon University plans to develop a high-tech robot testing site there for its Field Robotics Center. … Continue reading

Mechanical crickets rule mysterious garden

Outside the Mattress Factory art gallery in Pittsburgh, a ruined yard resembles a locale from Ico’s sun-washed and abandoned castle. Normally, the space is silent save for water trickling down a stone gulley that divides it. For the next few … Continue reading