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PSP Go Details

Sony’s PSP Go cuts the original’s obsolete UMD optical drive and compacts the design into a pocketable gadget that resembles the Mylo (And one other.) According to the leaked details, it’ll have a 3.8″ display, 16GB of flash storage, a … Continue reading

PSP Go "revealed early"

From Gamespot: A YouTube video of what appears to be the next issue of the PlayStation-focused video magazine Qore has revealed that Sony will use its event to unveil a new PSP model, the PSP Go. Sony is expected to … Continue reading

PXP looks like a PSP, emulates the classics

At $90, it’s simply too expensive, but this PSP knockoff runs ROMS from lots of classic systems: NES, SNES, Gameboy ‘n’ Color, and the Megadrive/Genesis. As Gizmodo commenter Zaxxon Q Blaque points out, it appears to be a Dingoo in … Continue reading

Pornstation Portable

A Tampa mom claims that after buying a “new” PSP at Wal-Mart, her 6 year-old kid found tons of porn on it. From the local Fox affiliate’s story: “I showed it to my mom, and I ran back to my … Continue reading

The PSP2 and the Return of Sony

In a fluorescent-lit room in an office complex of the Minato Ward, a Sony engineer is putting the finishing touches on a prototype PSP2. Have the lessons learned from the first PSP changed the shape of the plasticine maquettes on … Continue reading

Sony gives PSP a pretty lick of paint

Delightful, but that is the incorrect shade of green. Green must be decisive: think British Racing Green or Lime Green. What the hell is that? Sage? Asparagus? PSP Carnival Colors…

Impervious to custom firmware hackers, there's less reason to buy a PSP-3000 than ever

Despite Sony’s missteps, the Sony PSP is a great system, but in sheer spite of Sony’s missteps, hackers are the ones who have made the PSP a great system. Although not as many as there should be for a system … Continue reading

Sony PSP-3000 screen has ugly interlacing issues

The only toted advantage to the PSP-3000, the latest revision in Sony’s PlayStation Portable line, is its more vivid, brighter, colorful screen. Brighter and more colorful it may be, but early user reports are hovering question marks like vultures above … Continue reading

Bus driver suspended for simultaneously playing PSP while driving

KGMB out of Hawaii is reporting that a bus driver caught on digicam driving his route while simultaneously playing a game on his PSP and kicking his legs up on the dashboard has been suspended without pay. “He was continuously … Continue reading

Cult of Mac: the iPod Touch is not a serious gaming platform

We sometimes argue in the BBG editor’s chatroom about whether the iPhone / iPod Touch can really make any headway against the DS or PSP as a gaming platform. Ultimately, we all agree that it’s not really a gaming device … Continue reading