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Customizable ceramic kitchen radio

Check out this ceramic kitchen radio from the designers at Israel’s Studio Lama. The greatest thing about it is that you could decorate it any way you want. [via Dezeen]

Portable Radio

Radio Valerie

Power company plans first orbital solar power satellite

Pacific Gas and Electric is reportedly seeking permission to test a solar power satellite, which would send energy generated in orbit to a radio receiver station in Fresno County, California. the solar energy available in space is eight-to-ten times greater … Continue reading

Brion Vega RR227 radio

Brion Vega is an Italian manufacturer of radios, at least one of which (this RR227) is based on a vintage design—and all of which look like they could be. They do the modern basics like MP3 playback from SD cards, … Continue reading

eBay: Braun RT 20 desktop radio by Dieter Rams and Hans Gugelot

Currently at $495, this Braun RT 20, designed by Dieter Rams and Hans Gugelot vintage 1961, is currently not functional, due likely to a “suspect tube or fuse issue”. Besides some stains on the veneer, it appears to be in … Continue reading

Walnut, WW2 era radio casemod by Jeffrey Stephenson

Usually PC case mods are either ungainly exercises in slobber mouthed dorkiness or “because it’s there” affairs, but this gorgeous mod by Jeffrey Stephenson based upon the World War 2 era radio cases of the Ingraham Cabinet Co. is so … Continue reading

1942 Philco Radio becomes Mac Mini jukebox

Good Lord. Sandy Winkelman’s computer mod takes a gorgeously walnut Philco Radio from 1942, rips out its transistors and installs a touchscreen Mac Mini in its base. Each one of my hands is sending conflicting electro-chemical signals up into my … Continue reading

Nomad Traveler Speaker: tweed vinyl is this generation's wooden Victoriana

Urban Outfitters may be staffed by design-stealing bastards, but sometimes their mining of retro culture dusts off a look that feels new. This “Nomad Traveler Speaker”, for instance, clad entirely in a tweed vinyl. You can plug in your iPod … Continue reading

Video: The Cuntblocker 5000 advertisement

Do not press play unless your workplace doesn’t mind a dalliance with the c-word.