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Review: Kindle DX

Photos: Heather Beschizza Verdict: The DX is the king of readers, and regular book buyers will love it. Native PDF support is slick and speedy. That said, Amazon’s weird online service for converting file formats is still a black mark … Continue reading

Reader Comment: "One AT&T operator once tried to convert me to Jesus"

The Secret Life of Plants’ comment in a thread about iPhone exclusivity made me giggle: T-Mobile is not perfect but they are nice, and you can talk to people who have actually power. One AT&T operator once tried to convert … Continue reading

Sony adds half a million public domain books to Reader library

More than 500,000 copyright-free titles will be made available for Sony’s Reader thanks to a deal with Google, which is opening its massive scanning project for portable use for the first time. The L.A. Times quotes a Sony spokesman saying … Continue reading

Sony's new Reader has a touchscreen

Sony’s latest e-reader. the PRS-700, looks good: it features a six-inch touchscreen, allowing you to look up words, tag bookmarks and turn pages with the press of a finger. Built into the sides: a series of LED lights for reading … Continue reading

Reader Asks: Where to Buy Anchor Rubber Bands?

Kirk writes: Today I wrote about these fantastic items: “Cinch It anchor bands are rubber band with anchors. It sounds dumb but I’ve never found anything better for wrapping small wires, like iPod headphones.” The thing is I have no … Continue reading

Sony Reader PRS-505 Officially Announced

Despite a troubled history, I remain a huge ePaper and eBook reader fan. I have to give Sony credit for pursuing the idea, even though their first “Reader” product didn’t quite get the traction they’d hoped. The new PRS-505 model … Continue reading

Sony Reader ePaper Upgraded, Leaked

The next version of the Sony Reader has leaked to the web, bearing the typically sexy Sony moniker of the “PRS-505.” While the 505 is primarily a screen update—the new ePaper screen can refresh in almost half the time—the new … Continue reading