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New digicams and "near HD" camcorder from Samsung

Samsung’s SL720 and SL502 are spec-bump 12.2 megapixel point and shoot cameras with 5x optical zoom, image stabilization and a new face recognition technology called “Perfect Portrait.” The SL720 has a 28mm wide angle lens and can record 720p video, … Continue reading

Samsung Mini S2

Offered in pink, blue and white. But not in 640GB. [Akihabara News via Engadget]

Solar panels on phones make me happy, no matter how useful they may actually be

The Samsung E1107 “Crest Solar” is not a Hollywood-grade whitening toothpaste, but instead a nice little low-end phone with a solar cell in the back. An hour of good, clean charging will give the user five or ten minutes of … Continue reading

Oblique lens: Samsung HMX-R10 camcorder

Samsung’s upcoming HMX-R10 camcorder puts its lens at an unconventional angle in an attempt to provide a more comfortable recording position.

Samsung Alias2, QWERTY phone with e-paper keys

The Samsung Alias2, soon to be on Verizon, uses what appears to be segmented e-paper to change the labels on its physical QWERTY keyboard. A neat solution to a problem that will eventually be solved with something like Apple’s patent … Continue reading

Video: Samsung SSD RAID "Awesome" Advertisement

So this is an ad, despite the rough-edged, Impact-laden amateur patina it has been given by the marketing firm hired to create it. Nevertheless, the thing they have created is interesting: a computer with 24 256GB Samsung SSD drives chained … Continue reading

Samsung goes retro with latest point-and-shoot

The twin analog dials on Samsung’s TL320 point-and-shoot, indicating battery life and remaining memory, strike a retro chord on what’s otherwise a very modern camera. A 24mm wide-angle 24-240mm lens with 5x optical zoom, 3″ HVGA Amoled display and 720p … Continue reading

Samsung's MID looks great; shame about the Windows Mobile

Ubergizmo, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, likes the look of Samsung’s new pocket computer, the SWD-M100D. With WiMax and WiFi, it’s got great connectivity, and the form factor looks like a middle brother to the larger OQO and the … Continue reading

Samsung's solar powered eco-phone

Samsung’s solar-powered telephone anticipates an age when our talking machines are no longer coal-fired. That age will be upon us surprisingly soon, too: this very real gadget will be offered in England and her remaining colonies later this year. Blue … Continue reading

Samsung Lapfit secondary monitors are exact height of primary display

Samsung’s latest accessory is the Lapfit, a secondary monitor the exact height of your laptop’s display, and seems primarily aimed at the skin-peelingly obsessive compulsive, the sort of people who can only eat apples of a specific grammage and see … Continue reading